Wanted: A Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Suck Review


Wanted: A Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Suck is about a teenaged girl named Natasha and her adventures with her high school love life. You can currently read this book on Wattpad, and this is a part of a romance novella series.

Natasha was a some-what relatable character. Sure, she could have had better choices in boyfriends, but she was a decent girl overall. She didn’t side with anyone who bullied people, she even stopped talking to one of her old friends because she was bullying someone. She had a side job helping little kids at a dance school, and all she wanted was a successful love life. This was where Chris came in.

So, on her first “date” with Chris, he leaves her to be with his friends. This should have been the end of this relationship in my opinion, but Natasha has convinced herself that Chris is perfect for her. They see each other off and on, Natasha continues to insert herself into his life at random intervals, but he just never shows a consistent interest in her. Then, she starts to learn more about him, and learns that he might like her more than he is letting on. Now, Natasha knows she can’t let him go.

This….just REALLY made no sense to me. If he had truly liked her, he would have said so from the beginning. Now she has just been annoyingly persistent enough that she is convincing herself of things that probably aren’t even there. If he has repeatedly ditched her for his friends, and has repeatedly hung out with other girls in front of her, what is making Natasha think that he likes her in the slightest? I just can’t comprehend why she won’t take no for an answer.

Other than the fact that the romance annoyed me a bit, I did enjoy this overall story. I hope that the future installments of this novella series will allow us to learn the truth about Chris and his life. But I definitely hope that Natasha gets over him soon, he doesn’t seem to be very worth it.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a semi-realistic YA romance novel.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 books


His: The Cellar Sequel Review (Spoilers)

His [The Cellar sequel] by natashapreston

Let me give a bit of a backstory about this before I hop into the review. When I finished reading the Cellar and heard that there was a sequel to it from Goodreads, I thought that I would have to wait until it was published next year. However, I found out that the sequel was already finished on Wattpad, so I decided to go on there and give it a shot. It’s the same author, so I was expecting a story that was on the same level as the Cellar. Now, let’s go into the review! Warning to those who are actually interested in reading this, it will have spoilers.

Clover has been evaluated in a psychiatric facility and they have decided that he has a personality disorder. Therefore, they are transferring him to another psychiatric hospital with higher security. However, while being transported, his van gets into a crash and he is able to escape police custody. He is determined to make it back to the cellar and reunite his family.

Summer and Becca have been healing for the past few weeks, but then they get the news that Clover has escaped. They decide that it is time for Clover to get a taste of his own medicine. They plan to go to the cellar every night, hiding knives around. Then they plan to lure him into the Cellar and trap him down there.

Alright, so let me start off with the writing of this story. This story was filled with grammar errors, and it felt like a rushed fanfiction rather than a story. In fact, I felt like the sequel had been written entirely by a different person as a fanfiction of the published version, not a sequel written by the same woman. I honestly have no idea how the publisher edited the original story to make it seem well-written, but this was almost painful to read.

Next, there were a lot of issues with the story. Why would Summer and Becca go back to the Cellar rather than trying to run away and let the police do their jobs? Of course, Clover is going to return to the Cellar, he is a madman who wants to be reunited with his “family”. Also, not only did Summer and Becca return to the Cellar multiple times, but the police did not have a stakeout or anything in the Cellar. They basically allowed Clover to walk back to his old house and nearly kill the girls.

Also, there was the case of Chantelle. In my opinion, she was literally one of the dumbest characters I have ever read. She was a prostitute who Clover threatened with a knife when they first met, but then she thinks that he is simply a normal man after they talk for a bit. She even sees him kill someone, but she gets into her head that he is the only one to actually care about her. They haven’t even been together for a week, but she is already falling in love with him. She only gets shocked when she returns to the cellar and Summer and Becca start their screaming match.

Lastly, I felt so bad for Lewis in this book. He literally had been looking for Summer for months, ruining himself and wishing that she would be alive. Nevertheless, when she returns, they basically have some half-hearted sex and then she is secretly planning with Becca to return to the Cellar. He says that their idea is horrible., but Summer refuses to believe him. When she is shot and in the hospital after their confrontation with Clover, he breaks up with her. He says that she pushed him away for Clover, her kidnapper, which is exactly what she did. Eventually, he proposes to her at the end, but I wish he had just stayed away from her. He literally threw his life away to find her, but then she just chose to ignore that and almost get herself killed again.

All in all, this was a mess. If I could go back and un-read it, I definitely would. I have no more respect for Summer, I was surprised that Becca finally grew a backbone but grew it in such a stupid way, and Chantelle was a mess. Clover was just Clover, the crazy villain. Everyone who cared about Summer and Becca were just left in the dust for their revenge mission. I don’t even know how this could possibly be fixed up when it is published because the entire plot is a mess.

Overall Rating: 1/5

200 Followers! Thank you all!

Emily and Her Camera: February 2014

I don’t even know what to say! Just a few short months ago, I was happy to have 100 followers, and a few before that, I was happy to have 10. Even with my long break during the summer, and my inconsistency with posting, you all have managed to get me to 200 followers! I’m so excited, and I thank you all.

As I head towards college, I see more and more of my time being freed. I started blogging to be able to have somewhere to share my thoughts and ideas about books, but now it has become so much more than that. I find myself with friends whom I never thought I would have before. I am also improving my writing skills daily and am improving my reading speeds, which I never thought I would be able to do before.

Lately, I have been feeling unhappy with myself, thinking everything that I do is not good enough. Even though those I know in real life think I am some sort of model student/child/friend, I always see and feel that someone is better than me, that I am not worthy of the praise. I always try to work on “fixing” myself, and am pretty hard on myself when I do not see improvement. However, when I blog, I find myself being unable to constantly compare myself to anyone. I enjoy seeing the hard work of others, and draw inspiration to improve my own site. I also receive positive comments and likes from you guys, which helps me gain motivation in order to write more. All of this has helped me through a difficult summer, and helped me as I finish my senior year. I have self-confidence that I never experienced before, and I have even managed to create friendships that are positive instead of draining.

Depressing stuff aside, I am considering what I want to do with my blog. And I want to announce that I am considering starting a story of my own on Wattpad either in or before November. Here is a link to my Wattpad account, even if the story doesn’t work out, I still plan to do something on there.


Thank you for supporting me for all this time! I hope to continue to make you all happy, and here’s to another 100 followers!

Chasing Red (Wattpad) Review


This book was a regular romance read, but mostly enjoyable. Chasing Red begins with a college frat boy named Caleb spotting a girl in a red dress in the club. She pretends to be his girlfriend so that an annoying girl will leave him alone but then rejects his advances. He spots her outside later, helps her to fend off an attacker, and takes her to his apartment when she drunkenly admits to having nowhere else. As in many romance stories, instead of going home she ends up living with him and helping him by making meals and things while she starts to get on her feet. From there, their romance blossoms as they begin to truly know each other.

I do not like Red/Veronica, the girl in the story. She has a sad backstory, but she lets it define her instead of overcoming it. She convinces herself that she cannot trust Caleb simply because he is a frat boy, even when he tries to prove his love to her time and time again. By doing this, she almost ruins her relationship with him.

Caleb’s backstory hasn’t been expanded upon enough in this story. There were snippets that showed that it wasn’t that great, like his parents being divorced and a flashback revealing that his dad couldn’t even remember his one allergy, peanuts. However, it wasn’t harped upon like Veronica’s even though it could have been just as interesting.

This book has some mature scenes, but the author does have warnings by chapter if there will be anything inappropriate in it. Overall, the story was average to me. Some parts of the drama were simply unnecessary to me, but this book did scratch my itch for a simple romance novel. If you want to read something simple on your phone on a day when you are bored, this could easily entertain you for a few hours.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

The Novice Review


This book was an amazing ride in a unique fantasy world.

The book begins with the main character, Fletcher, going into the woods to hunt for a deer to sell. When he gets back to the gate, his enemy Didric has closed the gates early and refuses to let him back into the city. He cheats Fletcher out of the head of his deer and then reveals that he wasn’t even supposed to be on the watch and that the real watchman will let Fletcher inside the city in a few minutes. This sets the scene for the next day when Fletcher and his adoptive father Berdon who owns a blacksmiths shop go to the town where there are going to be traders there who will buy the weapons.

While in the town, a soldier has a stand full of souvenirs from the front lines such as orc’s teeth. He starts to tell a story from the front lines where he raves about his whole unit dying, and him taking the book of the summoner. Didric says that he is a fool and that it is illegal for him to have a summoner’s book when he is not a summoner, but Fletcher believes him. After he teams up with the soldier during a bar brawl, the soldier entrusts him with the book. He takes it out to a graveyard trying to summon something although he was never tested for summoning ability. Surprisingly, he is able to summon some sort of lizard-like thing. When he is attacked in the graveyard by Didric and his friends, the lizard thing protects him and allows him to get away, however Didric is gravely injured. Policemen come to his house, but Berdon gives him his 16th birthday gifts and buys him time to get away. As soon as he leaves the only town he’s ever known, his adventure truly starts.

Thinking about how this book began on Wattpad makes me want to go and read more books on there. I was thinking that this book could go one way or another, it could either be like the finisher or it could be like Heartless. It turned out to be more like Heartless. I loved every second of it, it was not cliche in any way, and the story was full of surprises. I would recommend this to anyone searching to read something new and unique.

Overall Rating: 5/5