Stalking the Billionaire Celebrity Review


Stalking the Billionaire Celebrity (Sweet Bay Billionaires #2)Beau Bennett has it all — a billion dollar bank account, movie star good looks, and the lead role in a new, hit movie. But none of it satisfies the ache he feels for something more.​

Fledgling reporter Cara doesn’t have the same infatuation with Beau as everyone else, but she is obsessed with getting her name under a headline, and getting back at Beau for ruining what was supposed to be her big break.

When Cara discovers Beau hiding from a media scandal at the Sweet Bay Resort, she knows fate has given her a second chance at the story of a lifetime. She poses as a housekeeper, hoping to catch the playboy billionaire in a compromising situation so she can write a scathing article, exposing his many indiscretions. If only Beau would cooperate.

Instead of trouble, Beau finds the meaning that he’s been looking for in small town life and the spunky housekeeper who turns up everywhere. And Cara finds herself falling for the kind, generous man who’s more hero than heartbreaker.

But when Cara’s true intentions are revealed, can she convince Beau to give her a second chance?

It’s been a while since I’ve ever read a “hate to love” romance, but this one really hit the spot.

Beau is not the typical “billionaire romance” love interest. I’ve never had such an interesting first scene of a book. He is hungover from partying the previous day, doesn’t want to get in a private jet because of his bad memories about his parents’ death in a plane, and has a panic attack in front of an airport. Then he goes to a drug dealer that he sees out of the corner of his eye to try to get something that would allow him to calm down and get on the plane. I guess I’ve never seen a vulnerable billionaire in a romance novel like this? It actually made me like him more. For once, the main character wasn’t being a complete jerk to the main female character before falling in love with her 30 pages later! This book was off to a good start.

Cara was the one who hated Beau at first. He was supposed to be her big break, but he never showed up. Now, she decides to pretend to be a maid to try to get some dirt on him. Is he actually a drug addict, or is it something else? When she enters the room and he is actually friendly to her instead of treating her like a maid, she immediately knows that something is up. Beau might not be the man that the media is making him out to be. I loved the scenes where the two of them would just hang out with each other all day, making small talk and having fun in the small beach town.

I constantly wanted the pair to work out in the end. They had chemistry from the very start of the book, and it only increased as the story went on. They were friends first, albeit for a short time, and then they became a romantic pair. I could see that they would be a good long-term couple.

One of my favorite parts of the book was when Cara was with her friends. None of them seemed toxic, they all just wanted to support each other and have fun. They never left anyone out of the group, even if she had children and couldn’t stay out as late as the other women. I want to have a group of friends as supportive as they were!

The last thing I want to talk about is how this book connects to the other book in the series. I won’t spoil anything about that book, but you will see how the couple fares in this novel, along with a few tidbits about their lives after the book ended. You will also see how the town reacted to the resort, if they accepted it or not. I hope that this continues to the next novel, so I can see what happens to all these characters. Maybe it will be someone else from the friend group who ends up marrying a billionaire!

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a new adult romance novel. It’s also a clean romance novel!

I received an advance copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 books


A Nanny for the Reclusive Billionaire ARC Review

A Nanny For the Reclusive BillionaireMallory Worthington has had enough of being treated like a fragile flower. She needs to get out of Dodge, as far and fast as possible. Somewhere no one knows about her childhood battle with cancer. A talented chef working at her family’s flagship hotel, she leaps at the first job opportunity that meets her criteria – personal chef and nanny for a reclusive and insanely hot billionaire in the Florida Keys. She doesn’t know a lot about the nanny part, but how hard can it be?

Billionaire Rhys Dalton cut himself off from the world after his wife was killed. Living on this remote island was the only way he could ensure the safety of his son. Finding someone willing to help him take care of his child, well that’s been a challenge right up until Mallory knocks on his office door. She makes him think and feel things he hasn’t in years. He’s smart, so he fires her on the spot.

But she’s not going anywhere, no matter how hard he might try to get rid of her…

First, let me say how happy I was to find out that Mallory was self-sufficient before she met her billionaire! Many times when I read billionaire romances, whether it be in well-written fanfictions or full length novels, the character that the billionaire falls is not really self-sufficient. Even if they claim that they were fine before the billionaire came into their lives, they were really living in a barely decorated apartment, barely eating, and sometimes even being emotionally hurt by every single person in their lives. Mallory was different. She was an amazing chef who had been making a decent living at her family’s restaurant, and then she just decided that she wanted to be out from under her family’s name. Sure, her family had babied her ever since her bout with childhood cancer, but she wasn’t incapable of functioning without Rhys. This made her fitting character for Rhys to fall in love with. He would not have fallen in love with a woman who could barely take care of herself.

My favorite part of this entire book was definitely seeing Mallory and Rhys’ son get closer. Even though his son was very stubborn, like his father, Mallory was determined to find a way into his heart. She refused to let a four-year-old get the best of her, and soon, even he falls for her. It really allowed the family dynamic in this story to blossom.

During the book, I forgot that Mallory had battled cancer in childhood at one point. This book really shines a light on the issues that cancer survivors face on a daily basis. She still has to go get bloodwork done often to make sure cancer hasn’t returned, even though her bout with the disease was over a decade ago. Also, some people can’t get past the fact that she was so sick at one point in her life, even though that time has passed. By adding these small details, it just makes Mallory’s backstory feel more unique yet realistic.

The plot of this story moves fairly quickly, but it wasn’t so fast that I felt lost. It also wasn’t insta-love, like many of these contemporary romance stories are. The two might have thought the other was pretty/handsome, but they weren’t ready to get married in a week.

Also, these romance stories are never complete without a “damsel in distress” scene. Nevertheless, this book puts an interesting spin on this trope. I won’t spoil anything, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

Overall, this is definitely going on my list for favorite romance novels! I read it in one sitting and was addicted from start to finish, and fell in love with the characters.

I would recommend this book to lovers of adult romance novels with realistic characters.

I received an advance copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars