Supergirl Season 3 Episode 4 Review

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 4 – The Faithful [S03E04] - Primebaze

Supergirl has to try to take down herself this episode.

A cult has sprung up in her name, with the people whom she has saved in the past worshiping her. At first, Kara was simply upset that someone was worshiping her instead of her true God, Rao. But soon she realizes that this cult is dangerous, as people are putting themselves into danger in order to become closer to her, because she will come to save them. When the leader of this cult decides to plant a bomb under a stadium, in order for Supergirl to come save them, she is unsure of whether or not she will be able to. It becomes even more dangerous for her when she cannot even destroy the alien bomb because it contains Kryptonite.

Ruby and her mother Samantha are having issues, as Samantha’s new job is taking away most of her time, and Ruby wants her mother to hear her practice for her talent show. Sam thinks that her having to put her daughter on the sideline makes her a poor mother, but Lena quickly makes her realize that she is doing what is best for her and her daughter.

Alex is still struggling with the fact that Maggie does not want children while she desperately wants one, and the talent show with Ruby seems to break her. She is not sure whether or not she can marry someone who is adamant against having children.

This episode was amazing as usual. I often hate cults in TV, but this episode seemed to tackle them in a more respectful way. Supergirl was happy that she could change the lives of these people by saving them, but she was more angry that her God Rao was being tarnished by the people worshiping her instead. Alex’s emotional battle over having kids is showing what can really happen in a relationship when people have different thoughts about an issue, and so I appreciate Supergirl for showing this side of love. This episode was simply everything that I could have hoped for it to be.

Overall Rating: 6/5

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 3 Review

J’onn must return to Mars, and he thinks that M’Gann is in danger. However, the truth is that his father, thought dead for hundreds of years, has been found as the last prisoner of the White Martians. He is the only one who knows where the White Martians are moving a scepter that could potentially wipe out the resistance without even touching them. J’onn must figure out how to convince his father to tell them where they are moving it, but his father is convinced that his son is dead.

Maggie and Alex are having their wedding bridal shower, Maggie decides to invite her father, whom she hasn’t spoken to since he kicked her out of the house when she was 14 years old. He arrives and seems to be making an effort to change and accept his daughter. However, in the end, he cannot accept that she is choosing to be an outcast by marrying a woman, when he worked so hard to make her not be an outcast because of their race.

My favorite parts in this episode were J’onn finally being able to reminisce about his family with his father and Maggie getting closure with her father and realizing that he is just not going to be able to accept her. Both of these things were important in the development of the characters, as J’onn is finally getting closure about Mars, and Maggie about her life in general. I am also glad that I am getting to see the side characters get a lot of screen time this season!

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Supergirl Vs Psi - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2

Supergirl must battle Psi, a villian who can make you see your worst fears. This is something even Supergirl struggles to fight, especially as she is still working on getting over the fear of what happened to Mon-El after she sent him off.

Lena and James are butting heads, as Lena wants to be involved in the running of CatCo, and James wants to be completely in charge as he has been since Cat left.

Ruby and her mother Samantha struggle as her mother has just received a new job and Ruby gets into a fight with a girl at school about whether or not her mom  has superpowers. When Ruby puts herself into danger, it is up to Samantha to save her again.

I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the season premiere. This episode truly showed how fear and anxiety can affect anyone, including superheroes. My favorite part of this show was when Samantha saved her daughter, even though we still do not know what causes her superpowers. Ruby made me a bit angry in this episode, as she purposefully put herself into trouble in order to be “saved” by her mother. This would be fine if she was supposed to be like 5-9 year old. However, the actress is 13, and looks to be at least 12 if not older. SO this just seems like a middle schooler  having a very immature temper tantrum. This did not taint the episode for me, as I still enjoyed the storyline very much, but it was worth mentioning.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

SuperGirl Season 3 Episode 1 Review (Spoilers!)

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This episode killed me.

Let me give you some backstory. When I was watching this episode, I had been having a rough-ish day. I wanted to be able to let go and see happy Kara with her friends just having fun. But then I remembered what had happened in the last season. Mon-El had been shipped away to Daxam due to his lead allergy, and this crushed Kara. So I went to the episode unsure as to what would happen. Sure enough, we had depressed Kara.

Kara is struggling to be both Supergirl and Kara Danvers ever since Mon-El has been gone. Her friends and sister have noticed, but nothing they say will change her mind. In fact, it seems as if the more they talk to her, the more she seems to bury herself in her work and ignore them. This is a very intense time for them, as they are preparing for Alex and Maggie’s wedding along with fighting a rich man who wants to take the poor waterfront of the city and turn it into a rich living area. On top of this, they came upon a ship that had a machine/gun/bomb thing that no one could sense until it was shooting at them. With Kara checking out, the team is worried about how they will get her back and solve this mystery.

Alright can I say that I almost died of laughter? Kara was about to die because apparently she can’t breathe underwater, and she had a Bella of New Moon moment where hallucination Mon El shouted at her to wake up. If this becomes a staple I won’t be able to stop laughing, I thought I was done with the crazy hallucinations once I finished that book.

To be honest, this entire episode is almost exactly like New Moon. Well to the people that want her to be with her friend of many years, James, even though they didn’t work out. So that’s how I am going to explain it! Edward/Mon-El, gone. Bella/Kara is sad and depressed and pushing all of her friends away while still dreaming about Edward/Mon-El. James/Jacob is trying to get his best friend back to normal. Charlie/Alex is really worried about Bella/Kara’s well being and doesn’t know what to do. And I am just here for the ride. Not a super disappointing first episode, especially with the addition of a possible second alien lady, but I hope that after this the show will go past the New Moon depression, even without Edward/Mon-El returning immediately.

Overall Rating: 4/5