Fanfiction Friday: Lvely Vmin

I haven’t done a Fanfiction Friday in a long time, but while I was in my reading slump, I was reading fanfiction and threadfics through Twitter almost daily. I was so inspired by some of these authors that I created a second Twitter in case I ever wrote threadfics of my own. The one author that kept me coming back was lvelyvmin or Em. She writes fanfiction mostly about Taehyung and Jimin of BTS, but she sometimes writes stories about the other members of BTS.

I love hybrid fics, but most fanfiction in this genre are just for wolf hybrids so that the stories can focus on heats and ruts. Em isn’t like this. She writes hybrid stories for different animals, and none of them really focus on the sexual sides of those animals, but instead focus on the sweet and unique characteristics of each species.

Along with writing threadfics on Twitter, she writes beautiful full-length Archive Of Our Own stories. She also makes AMAZING moodboards for almost all of her fics, big or small, and you can view them all in the master threads linked below. Here are my top 4 favorite fics of hers. If you want to view a full list of all her fics on Archive of Our Own, threadfics on Twitter, and story ideas, click here.

The bear hybrid universe that Lvelyvmin has created is beautiful. Tae is a bear hybrid, and he struggles to date as many people view him as “boring” during his hybernation. Jimin loves him for who he is, and is willing to learn everything about bear hybrids to support his boyfriend.

This master thread includes short stories about Vmin’s early relationship, and stories of them more established down the line. My favorite stories in this universe are about Vmin adopting other bear hybrid children. No one wants bear hybrid children in this world as they are considered to be burdens because of their hybernation. Vmin want to help as many children as they can fit in their family, as Taehyung knows what they need and how to take care of them.

Lvelyvmin’s panther hybrid universe is just as good as the bear universe. Jimin is the hybrid this time, and he is persecuted by society because he is a predator. The society views predators as being dangerous, so no one wants to be with them. Tae is a sweet human who loves Jimin for the sweet man he is. Jimin would never hurt anyone, and Tae is determined to prove that to people. He also has a son, who Jimin immediately falls in love with. They face prejudice from society as everyone thinks that Jimin shouldn’t be trusted around children. Whenever Jimin stars to feel down, Tae always reminds him of what a good father he is. The little mini stories included in this universe are amazing, I would definitely recommend that you read all the threads in the master thread linked above!

This adorable fic is actually on Archive of Our Own, and it is about Jimin, a makeup Youtuber, and his tattoo artist boyfriend. This was one of the first full-length fics that I read from lvelyvmin, and I loved it. The two are both artists and they fit each other perfectly, and I loved both fics written about these two characters. The first one I read was when Jimin was doing a “boyfriend does my makeup” challenge with Tae. Tae is a tattoo artist, but he is an artist nonetheless, and the entire video is just Jimin realizing how much his boyfriend really pays attention to and supports his makeup career. Definitely a must-read.

I love universes where someone is a supernatural being trying to protect their very human partner. Tae wants to make sure that Jimin isn’t actually hurt by the dangerous ghosts and demons around them, but he also wants to allow Jimin to keep his dreams of his supernatural show. So he has to toe the line between allowing Jimin to see “proof of supernatural beings” and scaring the real ghosts away. I hope that this au is expanded on even more, or maybe into a full fic, but we will see what happens!

Thanks for reading these recommendations, I hope you like Lvelyvmin’s stories as much as I did!

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Stories that I Read When Sad

Are any of you like me? I tend to turn to a specific book when I have a bad day or am in a bad mood, and that book always makes me feel better. A lot of these are actually going to be fanfictions, but a couple will be books. Most of the time I turn to fanfiction stories, which are sometimes as long as books, but often include a lot more fluff.

1) Off and Away

Off & Away
This picture book always cheers me up when I read it, and it is a fairly short read. The art is so colorful!

2) The Mermaid’s Escape

The Mermaid's Escape (The Siren, #1)

I love mermaid stories, and this mermaid reverse harem novel throws me into a world where Coral is loved by the four men she is stuck on the island with, and they work together to solve the mystery of how to get back to the mainland with her.

3) Late Bloomer

I swear I am an Alpha/Beta/Omega fanfiction addict, and this one is my absolute favorite and introduced me to those types of stories. This is a BTS-based fanfic, and Jungkook is presenting as an Omega. All of the older members have already presented, and they are determined to help Jungkook through his change and first heat. It is mature in some chapters, but the last few chapters have mostly been filled with fluff and all of the pack members. Some people think fanfiction like this might be strange because it is based on real people, but when I’m reading them I don’t really relate them with the group that much. I usually think of the fanfiction versions of them as being completely different from their real-life counterparts. Keeping this in mind, onto the next fanfiction!

4) Soulmate 

In this fic, everyone has a soulmate. Yoongi doesn’t think that he believes in them, but then he meets a strange boy on the train who just takes his breath away. This has to be one of the fluffiest fics that I have ever read, as Yoongi starts to fall for Jimin and they slowly accept the soulmate bond. I swear, I read through this one like once a week.

5) Joke’s On You
OH MY GOSH this was finally updated as I was writing this, but I will put it to the side for now. This is basically the Got7 version of Late Bloomer, by the same author. In this one, Yugyeom has been pranked by his older bandmates, and for some reason it has been affecting him more than it should. Little does he know that he’s presenting as an Omega. This one has pretty consistent weekly updates, but I just get really impatient because I love it so much. Late Bloomer is pretty much finished, and now this is my new obsession.

6) Hidden Omega

This one starts off sad, but it gets better as it goes on. 21-year-old Namjoon hasn’t presented as anything and is named a dud. Due to his nasty scent, the BTS pack doesn’t treat him as a real member. He tries his best to get them to accept him, but they just can’t help themselves. Once he lands in the hospital, the other kpop packs in the area realize how much Namjoon has been through. He presents as an omega, and the five groups are determined to court him until he chooses them. Again, the beginning is sad, but once he is with the non-BTS groups, the story does get much fluffier!

7) Little Bit of Trouble

This is the first of a few little space fics that I indulge in. I just love fluff, and these have to be some of the fluffiest fics out there. These aren’t the full baby fics, just fics where members of BTS dote on 3-4-year-old adorable versions of bandmates. This one focuses on Jungkook and is reader-insert, but it is not a poorly written reader-insert like I personally hate. This one even has a lot of development with both big and little Jungkook, and his lovely Noona/girlfriend.

8) Where Skies are Blue

This is another ABO fic with YoonMin (Yoongi and Jimin) focus. I won’t spoil too much about this one because it’s pretty new and so most of the summary would be spoilers, but it gets good. I think that this will be one of my favorite ABO fanfictions yet!

9) Lover not a fighter but I’ll fight for what I love
This has to be one of the darkest fanfictions that I have ever read, and I am currently stressed because I have been left on a series of updates that all have cliffhangers for like 3 weeks, but it is okay. I’m okay. This is a mixture of little space fic and mafia/gang fic. Don’t ask me how this works, but it does, if you are into dark romance, then this is the fic for you! It has a lot of fluff though, somehow, so I do like to read it from time to time.

10) He Ain’t Heavy (He’s Our Maknae)

This is probably the most canon fanfiction on this list, and it’s really just the members of BTS taking care of their Maknae/youngest member: Jungkook! This is mostly fluffy one-shots, but it does have some angsty one-shots somehow. Everything has a happy ending though, so it is still a nice fluffy read in my opinion.

Alright, so two books and 8 fanfictions! Seems like a nice ratio XD . I will see you all next week, I might follow the typical Top Ten Tuesday post then, but if it’s something that I don’t feel like I have enough books for, I might make up a topic like I did here. Thanks for reading!