Things I Dislike About Animal Crossing Part 2

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I haven’t spoken about Animal Crossing in a while, but it is my absolute favorite game series. I have played every single game except for Amiibo Festival (which doesn’t really count as an Animal Crossing game in my opinion). I know which parts of each game that I liked, and parts that I disliked, and parts that I hope will be in Animal Crossing for the Switch that is supposed to be coming out later this year. For the next 3 Video Game Tuesdays, I will be focusing specifically on Animal Crossing, and going through these topics on all the games. The first one is all the stuff that I didn’t like about each individual game.

If you missed my post from last week, check it out first!

Animal Crossing New Leaf

“Animal Crossing: New Leaf” review | stefanb33

Finishing The Game

In most Animal Crossing games, there was no way to finish the game. There still isn’t any way to finish the game in this installment, but you do get to a point where there is just nothing to do. One summer, I was on ACNL almost every day. I was a part of a trading company where we would give items to whoever asked. Someone would have a hacked DS so they could spawn in infinite items, and then we would go back and forth getting those specific items to anyone who wanted to decorate their town or house and couldn’t find them in game. The items were given for free because we got them for free. No one would actually ask for real money, it was just an easy way to get items for your house. Everyone was so nice on the forum, so they would always tip the delivery person with something.

I made millions of bells and many friends just delivering stuff to people, and I made many friends. I got hundreds of flowers and furniture items, and everything was great.  I would be meeting up in different towns every night, fishing, doing minigames, catching bugs, and having a great summer time.

Then the fall came. Most people went away, including me, because we had school. Then I went back to my town. I felt like I had everything, and this wasn’t a good thing. I felt like there was nothing left to do in the game besides….restart. So I restarted the game for the first time in 2 years. 2 years! I didn’t even know what I was doing.

Now, I have a new town. I’ve had 2 new towns in the past 2 years, and I have barely played them at all. It is so boring to start from the beginning, even though I thought that was what I needed. After having fun with friends in the game, I felt as if there was no fun in singleplayer anymore.

I hope to be able to get addicted to Animal Crossing again sometime, but I may just have to wait for the next installment for that wave of joy to come. This might not be a problem with the game, it might be a problem with myself, but I know many people who have had something similar occur. The game is amazing, but I felt like it did reach an “end.” The other Animal Crossing games have memories that make me want to go back to them, but when ACNL gets old, I just don’t feel the need to go back to it.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

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Nothing To Do

There is literally nothing to do in this game besides decorating homes. I spent a bit of time in the other Animal Crossing games decorating my house, but that wasn’t the main focus in the other games. Even though this was sold like a fully priced Animal Crossing game, it was really about 10% of a game. You only got to see the villagers when you went to decorate their houses, and then you would just have little snippets of conversations. Then you would just go back to the office to work for another villager. You never had a house of your own, never had friends of your own, it was just go to work and then go back to the office, watch time pass, go to work, go back to the office, watch time pass. It became a rather dreary cycle, I think I only played about an hour or two of this game before I gave up. This was definitely the least amount of time I had ever spent on a single Animal Crossing game. Such a letdown.

Even if they wanted to do a game based on interior design, fine. That’s cool. But give it some extras! Maybe you can have your own house, and throw different themed parties to invite villagers. Maybe you have to do minigames and throw contests to win popularity with the townsfolk. Maybe you can constantly upgrade the office until you are traveling across the world to decorate houses of international villagers. Maybe you eventually move to landscape outside and building houses or mansions. This sounds ambitious, but if you are going to market it as a full game, don’t just make it designing rooms!

Pocket Camp

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Cash Grab

I know I said that Happy Home Designer took about 10% of what made Animal Crossing the game it was and tried to make it a full game. Well, this game took less than 5% of what made Animal Crossing what it was and tried to make it a full game.

Let’s start with the easy part. I like to go fishing and to catch bugs in Animal Crossing. These are ways to pass the time and have fun when there isn’t something that you have to specifically be doing in the game. This game takes those away. You can collect fruit or catch fish or catch bugs, but only a certain number every few hours. Eventually, that “hot spot” runs out. Then you have to either wait 2-3 hours, or pay money.

Everything on Pocket Camp is on a timer. You have 2-3 sites where a villager could randomly spawn, and they will ask you to do things. You have to craft furniture, or get them fruit, or get them bugs, in order to ask them to move into your “camp.” You can’t have infinite people in your camp, so if you are at the limit, they just go into your cache so you can pop them into your camp whenever you want. But, if you don’t catch the villager during their time limit in the campsite, then you have to wait for them to reappear. You probably won’t have to redo the quests, as the level of friendship will remain the same. But this makes you want to rush or pay money to get things done quickly so that you can get your villagers into your camp faster. I haven’t even mentioned the fact that these villagers want specific items in your camp to be placed! So, sorry if you were going for a mettalic theme, pretty kitty wants a flowerpot and she won’t move in until you place that flowerpot. It takes away your right to decorate your Animal Crossing house the way YOU want to decorate it.

Also, there is no multiplayer in this game. I was so looking forward to getting to play with my friends, but it just doesn’t work that way. You can only friend them to visit their town, see how they decorated, and see what villagers they have. It’s basically an art gallery. Oh, and you can also buy some meaningless fruit and shells from them if you don’t want to pay money, but you also need your cash for other items. You just can’t win in this game. I hope that this isn’t somehow implemented into the new Animal Crossing game, I would be so disappointed.

Alright, so this is the end of the line for things that I didn’t like in Animal Crossing games. Next week will be on a much happier note as I start to talk about things that I did like in Animal Crossing games! I will definitely have to split the posts up again, as I clearly have a lot to talk about in each game. Thanks for reading!

Video Game Tuesdays: Lara Croft Guardian of Light (Xbox 360 Edition)

Play Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light on SHIELD ...

So, I got this game for free when it was on Games with Gold earlier this month. I actually already have on my Itunes account, probably bought it for the Ipad Mini I used to have, but I had never played it until now. I didn’t know what to expect, as I haven’t really played many Tomb Raider games. I’d only played an hour or two of the 2013 Xbox version. This game was so much different than that one in the end, so it didn’t even really matter. You can come into this game without any real experience with Tomb Raider games, and be perfectly fine.

So I was playing this in multiplayer mode. In multiplayer, one person plays as Lara while the other plays as Totec, an ancient Mayan warrior. Lara has a grappling hook that she can use to swing across gaps or climb up a wall. If she has a rope going to another area and she can’t swing over there, Totec can walk on the rope to the other side. Totec has spears that can be embedded in walls. He can’t actually walk on his spears though, as he is too heavy, so Lara must jump on the makeshift “stairs” to get to a higher area. Then they each have weapons, and there are upgrade skills that can be applied to each character. Either way, it is a pretty clean system for a multiplayer puzzle game.

Buy Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Tomb Raider PC ...When I got started, I thought that the puzzles were laughably easy. Then we got to this fire thing, and I thought “Oh, things might not be so simple.” We had a few fights with monsters here and there and got through around 2 challenge rooms in a few minutes without being too stumped.  Then, we got to the actual difficult part of the game. Walls were moving and trying to push you off like the coin machine at an arcade, enemies were popping up out of nowhere and actually doing damage, and there were no more super-linear corridors. You could explore to find and unlock powerups for your character, you weren’t locked in going directly from one place to the next. You even had choices of where you would explore, which was pretty neat. If I had played this on mobile, I probably would have thought it was the best game ever or something. Rarely do they have games on mobile with this much detail, I am happily surprised! Playing on the Xbox that has so many different games on it probably brings down the excitement level a bit, but if I had to choose between Flappy Bird and this on mobile, I would play this in a heartbeat.

I haven’t completed this game yet, but I am hoping to soon. I must be about an hour in, and there are only about 6-8 hours of gameplay. This seems rather short, but since it is multiplayer, I could imagine this being perfect for siblings to sit down and play. It is entertaining for when you are playing it, but you can put it down and come back to it later without completely forgetting what you are doing. Or you can have an ultimate game weekend or something and beat the game all in one go. Tons of fun to be had here! I can’t wait to see how much more difficult the puzzles get as I progress through the game.

I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun and easy-to-learn puzzle game for the 360, PS3, smartphone, or computer!

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 controllers

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Review


Alright, so I have been spending a lot of time playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I have every single Animal Crossing Game except for the N64 version and the Amiibo Festiva (Which I do not consider to be a real game). Therefore, I was really looking forward to an animal crossing mobile game. Although the reactions are mixed, here are some of my opinions on it.

On Animal crossing pocket camp, you are in charge of a campsite, and your job is basically to recruit other animals to come and live in your campsite. To do this, you must fulfill requests for them, and you must build specific furniture for them.

Alright, so many people are annoyed with the time that you have to wait to harvest certain things or build certain furniture. However, this is perfect for me. I want a game that I don’t have to sit and waste time playing because I have a lot of other things to do, like reading books or doing homework. This game allows me to wake up in the morning, harvest some things, set some furniture to craft, and then I go to school. By the time I come back, most of my stuff is done, and then I can invite some more villagers to my town.

The only thing that irritates me is that there is not a WHOLE lot to do. The villagers have cute little cutscenes from time to time, but more often than not you just get a short conversation. I bought the KK Slider chair thinking that I would be able to customize my music, but he usually just plays one guitar song (or two). Then, the last thing that irritated me was the fact that there was little to no interaction with other players. I was hoping that they would at least have a chat box where you could make a friend group and talk to them while you were playing, rather like Clash of Clans. At best, I hoped that the people would be able to participate in island minigames like Animal Crossing New Leaf. Nevertheless, there is almost no interaction with friends, besides seeing their islands.

Overall, I hope more stuff is added in updates, but the game is a beautiful time waster, and I find myself playing it almost every day.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Home Street Review

Mobile Developer SuperSolid Launches Home Street Game ...Home Street Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build the ...

Home street is a free game on both the Google Play and Apple stores.

When I got this game, I thought it would be like the sims, where you can build your own house, decorate it, befriend other neighbors, work, and do many other things. While this is the sims in some aspects, other aspects are rather irritating.

In order to do anything, you either need “thoughts” or a combination of thoughts and materials from doing other things. For example, to grow vegetables it takes thoughts, and to make carrot cake, you need thoughts and vegetables. These things take real time to produce of course, or you can speed it up using gems. Thoughts can be generated for free as long as you have a thought to duplicate, for example I sacrifice 1 intelligence thought and in 1 minute I gain 2.

The part that gets annoying are the missions. Some missions require you to create a lot of items, or collect a lot of thoughts, or do jobs for neighbors that will give you money if you give them items. These missions seem to be really slow and demanding at times, as it takes quite a few minutes to collect all of the items that you need to fulfill the missions. In the Sims, things may take time, but you do not have to do those things in order for the game to progress. It is up to you whether or not to do these things, you can choose how you want to build your character and your world. This is what most of these mobile Sim-ish games forget.

Also, you can’t do anything with your character. You literally can’t even move them, they just run around pretending to do the jobs whereas you can have 10 jobs going at once and they just cycle around as the timer counts down. I can’t make my character talk or dance, or even sit on the couch. What’s the point of buying all the stuff for my house if my character can’t even interact with it?

Also, the neighbors can be real people. I thought “cool, maybe if we are on at the same time, we can chat!”. However, when you visit other people’s towns, they just run around doing their chores. All you can do is help them out with an activity by donating an emotion or something, and then move on. When you invite them over, its just their avatar that pops up, your avatars pretend to say hi, the avatars run around for a bit, they HAVE to stay for like 10-15 minutes, and then they go and give you an emote. No chatting, no interaction, and they aren’t even online when you go to your town or they come to yours. It’s just the game making the avatar run around. There is no real interaction with other players besides buying stuff from other people’s stores, almost like Hay Day or something.

Overall, this game was an alright home building game. However, if it wanted to be a city builder without interaction between players, I wish that they had a larger city where you could do more things. If it wanted to be a game like the sims where you have an avatar that you can decorate a house with and visit other players, I wish that it had more interacting with your avatar, and with other players. I will keep this game on my phone as it did help to pass time, and hopefully in future updates there will be more of these things.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5


Club Penguin Vs. Club Penguin Island

club-penguin-island-cheats-hack-tips-guideClub Penguin - And...

Club Penguin was a game that I only played on the DS lite when I was in elementary school, but in middle school some of my friends and I used to play it on the computer. As a buildabearville gal, I was not used to many things being locked off because you needed a paid membership to access them. On that site, it was a one time purchase of a bear and you were just about set for the rest of your days. However this site wanted you to pay 60 dollars a YEAR to access all of the things. Members got the best clothes, more puffles (pets), more furniture, larger igloos (houses), more money, more games, more spy quests, and just generally more everything.

In 2010-2011, you could still enjoy the game without a membership. However in mid-2012 the members got more and more exclusive items until nonmembers were basically only playing 30% of the game. On the DS games that they made, nothing ever changed, so after 2013 I stopped playing the online version and went back to the singleplayer DS version.

Flash forward to 2017. I haven’t touched CP in about a year when I hear that CP is closing for good. I pop on my old account, see how bad the “member/nonmember” segregation has gotten just in the year I was gone, and sign off. Nothing interesting is happening and there is no reprieve from the membership rules. Many games allowed everyone to enjoy everything while the game closed, but not Club Penguin.

I was not sad to see CP go, as it had already deteriorated since 2012 in my opinion. Then I heard that it was moving to a 3D mobile game. I got a little excited as I had been looking forward to a good mobile game for a long time. I preregistered on my phone and waited for March 31st to arrive.

As soon as the game alerted my phone, I downloaded it. I saw the cute tutorial with Captain Rockhopper and Auntie Arctic, saw how nicely the colors showed on my phone. But then they wanted me to move. This was the most annoying task, I swerved and dipped attempting to waddle around but it was a chore to simply walk straight. “Whatever” I thought, mobile joysticks were always irritating to me. I had to do a quest where I ziplined from the top of a lighthouse to the village square. As soon as my penguin finished the quest I got a popup saying that only members can use ziplines. I thought “Since when has CP limited moving?” The next thing that happened was that I leveled up. However all the things that I received had a lock on them. Only members can use emotes, only members can use blueprints to create their own clothes, and many other things. To rub salt in the wound, they forced you to create your own penguin outfit before locking it away.

Everyone was in the chat saying that they game sucked and that everything was members only. Membership is only 5 dollars a month, but if you pay for a membership you will be one of a select few and surrounded by nonmembers who can’t do anything that you can. Disney had already ruined CP but this Island game is simply an abomination and is worse than the DS lite games created 10 years ago.


Overall rating 1/5 (for nice graphics).