Healing Review (Royal Cleaner #4)


Healing (The Royal Cleaner #4)The Underworld may be the best place for Caroline to heal, but it is torture without her wife…
After being kidnapped and tortured by genetically engineered humans for days, Caroline knows that her fellow demons are the ones best equipped to heal her, but her human wife and step-daughter aren’t welcome in the Underworld.

Mina isn’t exactly happy to lose her wife, either, but with her sister who had a hand in Caroline’s kidnapping now asking for her help, she has more than enough to keep her busy on Earth.

Mina and Caroline’s lives are only getting more complicated, but they have a dream for their future that they are ready to fight for…

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This story picks up where Separated left off. Caroline is no longer captured, and Mina’s sister Isha is no longer coming after her, but the damage has been done. Caroline has to return to the Underworld in order to heal, and she has to get back to her fake dating in order to maintain her Royal status. She continues to connect with her wife with their dream connection, but she can’t go to see her face to face. Mina isn’t happy with these arrangments, but she has to put on a brave face both for her daughter Diya and for Caroline.

I didn’t realize how much I missed Caroline and Mina’s relationship until I read this novel! They maintained their deep emotional connection even though they were both dealing with trauma from the previous events. Mina had to deal with Isha coming back in her life. Even though Isha seemed apologetic, Mina was still on edge after hearing that she was working for the Enhanced that hated Caroline. Caroline has to face the Demon court day after day, knowing that most of those people only tolerated her, and deal with PTSD from her imprisonment. They support each other in their dreams, even when their dreams are sometimes infiltrated by thoughts of trauma, and then go back to their respective lives every single day. Diya also has to learn how to live without her mom, the one who was supposed to always be around to protect them. Everyone is hurting, but they try to support each other through the pain.

Caroline’s PTSD tends to manifest itself in her powers. She is struggling to control them, and the stressful environment of Demon Court is not helping her case. Her new friend Seph helps her through this, and makes her feel less isolated in this new and unfriendly environment. I think that some things could definitely be brewing in that friendship, but I HOPE that things will straighten themselves out. Seph is such a nice person, and I don’t want her to have to go back to having no friends. Caroline didn’t pick up on anything because of her being Litcorde/autistic, but I definitely picked up on PLENTY of things. I just…..I need Seph to be happy! She is so sweet, she deserves happiness too.

Mina’s storyline continues as she returns to the police department. More things are revealed as she works with her sister to try to stop Isha’s higher-ups from working with the Enhanced. This reveals that Mina’s police team is the “throw-away” team full of disabled, LGBT+, female, and minority policepeople. They are a family and they do their jobs well, but they aren’t taken seriously by the other squads. This was a truly realistic and interesting plot point, as it delved into how discrimination can be in a place that disguises itself as being more open.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book! I am already working on book 5, and then I will just be waiting for the next release in the series.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 books


Game Night Release Blitz (Adult Romance)

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Release Date: February 14, 2019

Genre: F/F


All bets are off . . .

Alyssa has crushed on her client, Mia, for months. So, when Mia invites Alyssa over for an all-girls’ “game night,” she’s all-in. But Alyssa quickly finds the stakes are much higher than she anticipated when she learns the name of the game is poker — strip poker.

Alyssa must up her ante when she realizes she faces stiff competition — and that there’s much more to lose than clothing…

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Check out what early reviews are saying:

“Holy tease Batman!!! Lol. I have read some hot stuff but this author can write some hot as CRAP stuff!! I mean I was so uncomfortable most of this book incredibly turned on. I am in love with her writing style so much that at any chance to read from her for my honest review I jump! I love how this book started off all shy and you weren’t sure of how things would progress and boy did I NOT see all that happening. I haven’t played poker before and I don’t even know how but even with my lack of knowledge I still could follow all the enticing things that played out. Alyssa made me fantasize with her and couldn’t help getting lost in thoughts with her. I had some moments when I got super upset with Casey but that was expected. I actually got upset with Mia also because I felt she was using Alyssa and I was having bad thoughts about how the whole thing could play out. Oh what a tease that ending was but hot dang did I enjoy every moment of it!!!! Her writing gets better and better with each book she releases and this an amazing growth each time!! I’m excited to always wait patiently to see what this intoxicating author could have for us next!!! Thank you for this ride!!!!

”-Amy M. (Amy Loves Reading Book Blog)


♥ Excerpt

So far, I was doing very well, having won several hands. My opponents took a few as well, with the exception of Willow who hadn’t mustered a single win. Her pile of chips quickly dwindled and disappeared. When it came time to ante, everyone looked at her.

“I… ran out,” she explained quietly.

Dallas spoke up, retrieving the box of unused poker chips. “Looks like you’ll need to buy some more. What are you offering?”

Willow bit her lip nervously. “Um… my… my sweater, I guess.”

“Fifty dollars?” Dallas counted out five stacks of the cute pink chips. I laughed at what was being suggested — until the mousy young woman actually began pulling the cashmere sweater over her head.

“What’s she doing?” I asked Dallas.

“Well, it is strip poker.”

I was dumbfounded. “Strip poker?”

“Yeah. You didn’t know?”

By now, Willow’s top was off, leaving her in a pink bra. Surprisingly, she’d been hiding a rather nice “pair” of her own beneath the preppy sweater. Although she certainly didn’t compare to Mia, Willow was definitely well-proportioned.

But I barely found myself able to ogle — I was still trying to wrap my brain around the sudden twist the game had taken.

“Your game night is strip poker?” Now I was asking Mia.

“Yeah. Did I forget to mention that earlier?” My crush had a wry little grin. “Is that a problem?”

♦ Meet the Author

Cassidy Storm

A longtime reader of romance, erotica, sci-fi and horror, Cassidy Storm’s aspiration was to become an author herself. After working toward this goal for a few years, she made it official by releasing Girl Talk on Valentines Day 2018. She followed up with a lesbian BDSM erotic novella, Awakening. Her third book, Game Night, encompasses themes found in the first two books, including romance, #lesfic, BDSM and a generally fun, frisky adventure for the reader.


When she’s not writing, Cassidy roots for her favorite teams: the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Miami Marlins. She also enjoys playing board and card games–the real, physical ones. She also likes to cook, often prompted by seeing something delicious posted on social media. She’s deathly afraid of heights and won’t go near the railing at the mall, but has actually jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. So go figure.

As always, Cassidy Storm looks forward to taking her readers on a journey!

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Official Website http://www.cassidystorm.com

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Mage & Demon Queen Review

【Comic Dub】- Mage & Demon Queen -【Episode 1-3】 - YouTube

I love this little webtoon! Malori is a Mage, and she is one of the best. Rather than doing what most mages do and working on becoming stronger simply to gain power, she works towards getting stronger in order to defeat the Demon Queen. Well, not exactly defeat her, Malori wants to weaken her, and then date her.

Malori has to go to the tower all the time to try and work her way up to the Queen’s floor and has befriended all the demons below. The demons secretly want her to date the queen, so they just let her go by so she can save her strength and items for the real battle. Malori hasn’t succeeded yet, but she, unlike the other adventurers, wants her heart instead of her head.

I honestly need more gay fantasy comics in my life, they are so funny, and they are so well drawn! Malori has both demon and human friends, both of which have their own love lives. One of my favorite parts of the entire comic is Curik’s secret crush (not Malori, it’s not a love triangle thank goodness), and I hope that things work out for the two of them in the end!

At the beginning of the story she seems to be a bit of a weaker foolish girl, but as the story progresses, you see that that is very far from the truth. There are even hints throughout the story so far about a “dark past” for her character, and a few of the recent episodes have been completely based around her childhood memories, so I am excited to see what happens next.

Did I mention that the art is amazing! Honestly, all these webtoons seem as if they were made by a team of animators rather than just a single person and his or her talent. The only thing that the creator seems to be assisted with is the proofreading of the story. I can’t believe how talented she is. The comic is even updated every Tuesday and Thursday, like this is amazing dedication!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes LitRPG or fantasy books or webtoons/manga. The webtoon only has 39 episodes so far, so you would definitely be able to completely catch up over winter break.

Mage & Demon Queen

Overall Rating: 6 out of 5 paintbrushes.


Highland Butterflies Review

Highland ButterfliesLucy is grieving and decides to go to the Scottish Highlands and deal with her pain. She doesn’t have a plan, but she meets a woman named Hannah. Suddenly, her problems seem to disappear.

This is a very short story literally about two women meeting in the Scottish Highlands. I have read a few highlander romances, and I’ve only a liked a couple of them. This one, I definitely liked.

There really isn’t much to spoil, but I just want to learn more about these two! They just seem to fit in so well together in such a short time, and I want to actually have the time to learn their stories. I want to know about their pasts, and how they ended up meeting each other.

I would recommend this short story to anyone looking for a short and sweet lesbian romance to read.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars