Kill or Cure #2: Bloodlust Review

Kill or Cure: Bloodlust

Kill or Cure #2: Bloodlust by Pixie Britton continues the adventures of Alyx, Will, Winter, Tommy, and Colt. Tommy has been suffering as he becomes less and less in control of when the infection takes over. Winter has been dragged along on this adventure but is becoming a valuable member of the team. And Alyx, Will, and Colt are stuck in a love triangle.

Why didn’t I mention any actual story aspects about those three characters? Well, because I don’t think they have any story aspects besides the love triangle. Literally all Alyx is thinking about is how much she loves Colt and how much she doesn’t want to admit that she knows that Will likes her. Will is just pining after her and trying to ignore Colt. And Colt, the greatest disappointment of all, is just pining after Alyx. He literally just met her less than a month or two ago and all he did was save her and kiss her and now he acts like a lovesick dog. Even Will wasn’t that bad, and he has been waiting for years to get his chance to be with Alyx. The whole book was ruined for me with this love triangle. Every time that the action would start up and I would be excited to figure out what would happen next, one of the characters would do something dumb for the sake of love and start acting like a lovesick dog again.

The two characters I liked the most were Tommy and Winter. Both have their own setbacks as Winter is deaf and Tommy has to deal with the infection. But, they don’t really have to deal with romance as much, and they both grow a lot in this novel. I won’t spoil anything, but I definitely liked them best.

Overall, I won’t be finishing this series. I also wouldn’t recommend it. But I do think that it could have been a really great series if it wasn’t for the annoying love triangle.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5 books.


Deception Review

Deception (The Transformed, #1)

Alexis is an ambitious sixteen-year-old girl and everything seems to be going well with her. Then, things start to get crazy. First, she meets a stranger on a blind date and feels as if she has known and loved him all her life. Then, she is told that she is transforming into a vampire and that she is truly a princess. She has to learn to control her powers, along with finding out how to control herself from the thirst.

Alright, so I have waited for a while to actually finish and review this book, simply because I had issues with it. I will start by saying that I didn’t hate this book completely, I just didn’t personally like Alexis as a person. This made it really difficult for me to like this story.

Alexis is told that she is a vampire. When she is exposed to blood by a boy named Tanner, she goes crazy and has to be restrained by Cliff (the lover boy) and her other vampire friends (including Brooke and Steve). They take her home and lock her in a room so that she doesn’t kill anyone. Rather than realizing that they are doing this for her own good and so they can restart the blood exposure process, she escapes and ends up killing somebody. Then she gets mad at them for locking her up like a prisoner. They locked her up to try to PREVENT her from hurting someone, and it was literally for one night. This was when I started to dislike her.

She started the book basically saying that she had a bad family life and that her parents liked her sister more. This was eventually proven untrue as they say that the only reason why she didn’t get a car was that she bought one before her parents could buy her one, and they buy her a car later. So, as you can see, she likes to jump to conclusions a lot more than she should.

Later in the book, she invites the boy named Tanner to basically be her human blood donor, because she still refuses to listen to the people who are trying to help her and who are saying that the blood is something she needs to be weaned off of. She ends up kissing Tanner after taking blood from him one time, and she breaks Cliff’s heart. Cliff, the guy who has literally been faithful to her since they were children. He wouldn’t even kiss her because he wanted to respect her and not make her uncomfortable. He leaves before he ends up arguing with her, and she goes into the typical YA girl “he broke up with me” sadness. However, I don’t think she really had the right to stay in bed and not shower/barely eat for a week, because Cliff did not break up with her. She cheated on him, broke his heart, but the story makes me want to feel bad for HER.

Overall, these were just a few of the issues I had with Alexis. The rest of the plot was pretty engaging and I did enjoy reading the book, but I just couldn’t get over Alexis’ character. I won’t be continuing with this series, and I wouldn’t recommend it if you pay attention to your characters like this. However, if you just want a book to pass the time, this one was actually a pretty long ebook that used up quite a bit of time.

I was given a free copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 2/5

Charmed ARC Review (Cinderella Reverse Fairytale #3)

Charmed: a Cinderella Reverse Fairytale book 3 (Reverse Fairytales)

Charm is on the run from Luca with Cynder, as she tries to escape her former fiancee. Everyone thinks that she is dead, but she simply has to bide her time until she can take back her kingdom. Luca knows that Charm is still alive, but he pretends that she is dead while secretly sending his people after her. Charm wants to fight back, but her sister is getting sicker throughout her pregnancy. Cynder and her friends are behind her, but are they strong enough to take down a king?

This is the final book in the “Charm” trilogy, and boy does it end with a bang! Charm has fully grown into her role as queen, and she will do anything to get her crown back. I don’t want to spoil too much because this book was an amazing ride, but I will definitely recommend to anyone reading this trilogy to actually finish it out! You won’t be disappointed.

The romance between Cynder and Charm is finally able to grow in this novel, and I couldn’t think of a better ending to this love triangle than this one. I also appreciated the fact that the family rallied around Charm’s sister in support of her pregnancy and helped her through her illnesses.

I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for an amazing fairytale retelling trilogy with character development, worldbuilding, and an addictive storyline that you won’t be able to put down!

I received this book for free and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 6/5

Lucky Charm Review (Cinderella Reverse Fairytale #2)

Lucky Charm: (A Cinderella Reverse Fairytale book 2) (Reverse Fairytales)

Princess Charmaine is getting married to Luka, but the kingdom has been in turmoil since the death of her father: the king. It is up to her to put her kingdom back together in between planning her wedding and dealing with the press. She almost forgets about the Magi who were looking for her protection, but she still manages to try in the name of Cynder. She thinks that she will never see him again as he is on the run from the police, but Cynder knows some things that mean his Charm is in danger. Now, he knows he must go back to save her.

This, this was finally a love triangle done right! Charm knows that she cannot abandon her kingdom to chase after Cynder when she doesn’t even know where he is. So, even though she loves him, she continues her duties and goes onto marry Luka. She had to also take charge and protect the Magi on the side and try to stop her kingdom from tearing itself apart. Therefore, even though there was a triangle, it wasn’t pointless, and we knew who Charm would choose if she truly had the choice. Also, Cynder wasn’t there the entire time, so she thought that she was just going to have to suck it up with Luka and produce an heir for the kingdom.

Also, I was truly able to see Charm grow within this novel. With the loss of her father, she knows that she will have to take over the kingdom, and so she really starts to step up to the plate as the leader. I have to say that this book was most likely my favorite in the entire trilogy simply because I get to see her really step up to the plate as a queen. She also handles the media and the stress of planning a wedding without completely forgetting about her family. This was one of the few YA novels that I read where the family ties were emphasized and viewed as being important.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a YA fantasy novel with a GOOD love triangle and incredible worldbuilding.

I received this book for free and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Carbon Review (Watcher #2)

Carbon (Watcher #2)

Sawyer is now a Carbon and is under Coleman’s control since he created her. Kenzie is also under Coleman’s control, as his arm has part of Coleman’s work in it. Sawyer travels to the United Isles with Max to try and find and find an ally, along with trying to heal her heart that was broken by Kenzie. The war for humanity continues, but it has just gotten more difficult as now the lines between human and Bot start to blur. Sawyer must come to terms with herself and her new powers, as she has become the one thing that she hates.

This story really amped up the character development. The action scenes were addictive, and Sawyer traveled a bit more in this book in my opinion. Sawyer really has to learn to accept herself but

My only real complaint was the inclusion of the love triangle within this novel. I didn’t absolutely hate it, but I did not see the real point of having Sawyer fall in love so quickly after Kenzie. I won’ t spoil anything, but the further I got into the story, the less sense it made to me. I was just really happy that the romance did not seem to COMPLETELY overtake the storyline. This was much appreciated.

I would recommend this trilogy to anyone looking for an in-depth YA dystopian novel.

I received this book for free, and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 4/5

The Elite Review (Selection Series Book 2)

The Elite (The Selection, #2)

The Selection has been narrowed down to six Elite girls, and now the competition for Prince Maxon’s heart heats up. 5 of the girls want to win, but one girl still cannot decide who she wants to be. America’s heart is battling between Maxon, the king who has won her heart through the competition, and Aspen, the boy who had it from the start.  While all of this is happening, tensions within the kingdom are rising, and America is at the center of it all.

Usually I hate love triangles that continue to switch between one guy or girl and the other. However, this book was such a quick read, I didn’t feel overburdened by the love triangle. The conflict in the story was more interesting than I thought it would be, but I won’t go into it because it contains major spoilers. I would recommend this to those who aren’t bothered by a seemingly mainstream story, and who would enjoy a fast paced read.

Overall Rating: 5/5