Reflections on 2018 + 2019 Goals & Happy Blogiversary!

Exactly two years ago today, I started this blog. It was originally named Bri’s Blog 2017, but then I realized that having a specific year in my blog’s name isn’t the best idea, and changed it to Bri’s Book Nook. My blog has grown so much over the past year, in ways that I never thought possible. I also got a beautiful art overhaul, so I don’t have to worry about creating my own headers for posts anymore! I finally feel as if I have my own site identity, and I love that.

First, let’s talk about my goals for 2018 and see which ones I achieved, and which ones I didn’t.

Read 200 books!

I read 303 books this year, so I definitely surpassed this goal by a long shot!

Get up to 1000 comments!

I’ve received exactly 606 comments this year, so I didn’t meet this goal, but I’m also not upset about that. I’ve met quite a few awesome people on this site, and that’s what really matters to me. Quality over quantity 🙂

Either start streaming games on twitch, start a booktube channel, or create an Etsy account for knitting and crocheting. Either way, make money online doing something I like.

I didn’t do this because I never moved out of my parent’s house and commute to college instead of dorming. If I dormed, I might have tried to stream or make videos, but here I decided not to. Maybe in a few years, I will return to this!

Have at least one physical copy of an ARC sent to me by an author.

I had many, many physical ARCs sent to me this year, and it’s hard to remember a time where I was hoping so much to receive one! Now, I just have to figure out how to read all of them quickly so I can start to properly organize my shelf.

Start college off well!

Even though I’m not attending the colleges that I dreamed of, I am attending a good college, and I love my classmates. I am going to be having a lot of fun these next 4 years, in between classes of course, and I definitely started off strong.

Now, onto the 2018 Stats!

Total Visitors for 2018: 8,361 (Definitely wasn’t expecting this much growth from last year, 4 times more unique visitors!)

Total Views for 2018: 18,453 views (That means that each visitor looked at at least 2 pieces of my content, if not more. Again, so happy about that.)

Total Likes for 2018: 8,208 (Thank you all, this is what really makes me want to continue making content, seeing how you guys enjoy it so much!)

Total Followers: 634 followers (Grew so much this year, hi everyone!)

Total All-Time Posts: 950 posts (526 are book reviews and 10 are webcomic reviews, the rest are anything from book blasts to Top Ten Tuesday posts)

Best Performing Post: True Beauty Webtoon Review! Since this post was one of the top results on Google if you searched for the webtoon, I got a lot of views for that. 1,426 to be exact!

Now, onto my goals for next year. I have been in a bit of a slump for these past few months, and I definitely haven’t been interested in reading as much as I wanted to be. I had many tours that I had to read for, but even then, I sometimes didn’t even have the time to finish everything in time. This lead to a lot of stress, as I felt as if I was spending every waking minute reading, and then I still forgot stuff or got things done very late. This is going to change for next year.

This leads to my first goal.

No more than 3 blog tours in a single month

Blog tours were honestly the bane of my existence this past year. I sign up for way too much during an impulsive burst, and then I am stuck trying to read multiple books in a single night to write reviews at midnight. I only want to do 3 blog tours a month, maybe even less, so that I can get back to truly enjoying the novels rather than rushing to get to the end.

No more than 2 book blasts per week

I feel as if book blasts are bloating my post numbers, even though I don’t really do much for them except repost the content I’m given. I want my blog to be full of content that I actually create so I will cut down on those specific posts.

Accept no more than 30 ARCs all year

Unless the book is coming from an author that I already know and love, I am going to be extremely selective. Again, this year was very stressful trying to review books before the release date, and I am still reading books that I forgot about throughout the year and getting those reviews done as soon as I can. I want to be able to catch up on my other favorite series in 2019 so I will be cutting down.

Finish the Outlander Series

This is something that I always wanted to do, and I really think that I could finish it next year. They are huge, but I might have the time to do so.

Spend more time writing reviews

I feel like the quality of my reviews and posts vary all the time. I want to be able to spend more time on each review to make it the best that I can possibly be. I feel bad when rushing reviews, or when I feel that I have writer’s block and can’t write as well as I want. As I am reading fewer books and truly delving into the ones that I read instead of rushing through them, I feel as if the quality of the reviews will improve.

Happy New Year and Happy Blogiversary!

Exactly one year ago today, Bri’s Blog 2017 was started! Now, a year later, it has changed to Bri’s Book Nook and has grown exponentially. Let’s look at some stats!

Total Views for 2017: 7,160 (I definitely was not expecting to have that many!)

Total Visitors for 2017: 2,632 (Hi guys!)

Total Likes for 2017: 3,230 (That’s about 1.22 likes per person!)

Comments: 343 (This is probably the stat that I am the proudest of because I love talking to you guys!)

Total Followers: 277 (Thank you all!)

Best Month Ever: May with 1.2K views

Best Day Ever: Christmas Eve with 129 views (Best Christmas Present!)

So those are my total blog stats! Now, let’s see the post stats!

Total Posts: 272 (A post for most days!)

Total Book Reviews: 191

Best Performing Post: BTS Book Tag with 75 views!

Worst Performing Post: Current Reads: Twilight New Moon and Twilight Breaking Dawn with 2 views. Literally my second ever post, funny to see how much I’ve grown!

Now that the stats are done, onto the more sentimental stuff. I just want to thank you all for making 2017 a great year for me. You all made me see that I could take something that I had previously been putting on the backburner, and make a life out of it. I went from not reading at all during the school year to speeding through my work in class to get a few extra seconds of reading in. I went from trying to force myself into different friend groups to finding friends online with the same likes and dislikes as me. I even discovered Kpop, a genre that I had never even known existed before. Including these adorable weirdos.

come here bangtan boys GIF by Korea

I had some rough spots throughout this year, particularly in the summer where I had a job. For most of the summer, all I did was go to work, play games, and feel as if I accomplished very little. However, I got back into it in the winter, and now I feel better than ever.

So thank you all, and here’s to another year of blogging! Here are my resolutions!

  1. Read 200 books!
  2. Get up to 1000 comments!
  3. Either start streaming games on twitch, start a booktube channel, or create an Etsy account for knitting and crocheting. Either way, make money online doing something I like.
  4. Have at least one physical copy of an ARC sent to me by an author.
  5. Start college off well!

Tell me in the comments what some of your resolutions are!