Fields of Fire Review

Fields of Fire (The Nissera Chronicles, #1.5)Across the land, the powerful sorceresses Bristal and Tamarice are marshalling their armies, readying for a climactic battle to decide the fate of their world. But in a hay-filled barn far off in the countryside, a small group of spies led by a courageous young warrior named Drell is about to launch an offensive in order to root out the identity of a shadowy alchemist. If Drell’s team is successful, one of Tamarice’s most dangerous accomplices will be destroyed. If they fail, the sorceress will come into possession of a weapon that could turn the tide of the war against them. Drell knows everything must play out perfectly for their mission to be successful, but even she cannot fathom the depths of the alchemist’s cruelty—or the sacrifices her own spies are willing to make to stop him…

In Kingdom of Ash and Briars, West wove together classic fairy tale motifs with her own lyrical prose and captivating characters to introduce the world of Nissera and the sorcerous powers battling over it. In Fields of Fire, we see another facet of that war—fought by ordinary women and men as well as powerful Elicromancers—setting the stage for Realm of Ruins… in which the peaceful future Drell and Bristal fought for so fiercely is threatened by a powerful enemy from the distant past.

I’m not truly sure how to even describe this novella? It was a nice short story, but it didn’t really add anything to the series for me. I didn’t remember most of the characters, even though some were from the previous novel. It was also far too short for me to really get any sort of story feel. I didn’t read the synopsis before reading this short story at the end of book 1, so I read it blind. When I read the synopsis when preparing to write this short review, I thought that I was reading the synopsis of a completely different book. It was so confusing.

I flew through the 20 pages, and then it was over. I’m not going to give this a rating, as I feel that maybe I missed something while reading this? But I am not going to try and reread this and make out some sort of a story. I still plan to read Realm of Ruins though, as this is a prequel to that book, and maybe I will enjoy it more!

Disgraced Review (Royal Cleaner Prequel)

Disgraced (The Royal Cleaner, #0)This prequel gives Lady’ Caroline’s backstory. She was happy with her girlfriend with the Wardens, and running away from her political responsibilities. She wasn’t even the oldest of the house, so she didn’t have an obligation to stay in the House that never really accepted her. Then, her brother dies unexpectedly, and she has to leave the only place that she ever felt happy to return to the living hell that she grew up in. The people of her house are probably not even going to accept her, due to the fact that she is Litcorde.

Before I start this review, I just want to let you all know that Litcorde in the Demon world is another word for autistic. I see in other reviews that some people got confused, and so I just wanted to clear this up for you guys.

This short novella truly allows the readers to see snippets of Caroline’s life that she would rather keep hidden from everyone. It helps you to understand why she might shut herself off from others, and explains why she hates Demon politics so much. It even gives some details about her family life before she left for the Wardens.

This also gives some insight into why she is so worried about having to leave Mina, with the story arc about her ex-girlfriend.

The plot moves quickly as in any novella, but it is definitely not too fast that it is a pointless read. Even though it is shorter than LC Mawson’s full-length stories, it is not so short that it took me 15 minutes to read. I still felt that I had been spending time with real characters in another world for the time that I spent reading it.

Also, the worldbuilding is definitely astounding. Until this point, we had never really gotten to see what the Demon politics truly looked like. Caroline always wanted to avoid it, and all the characters that were in it were side characters or villains. This short story allows the readers to see how the Demon world functioned, if only for a short while.

There wasn’t as much character development as usual, as the novel focuses on the things happening in young Caroline’s life. She hadn’t done much “developing” yet. If you compare it to the Freya Snow and Royal Cleaners series, you can see how she has changed since these events happened. But if you haven’t read those books yet, it is just a small snippet of Caroline’s life being shown.

I would recommend this prequel to lovers of fantasy and to people who are currently reading the books int he Snowverse universe.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 5 stars

Captured By the Vampire ARC Review

Captured by the Vampire: A Paranormal Romance (Vampire Enforcement Agency Book 0)This book is the prequel to McAllen’s new Compelled by the Vampire series. To be honest, I don’t quite see how it will come into play, as Zoe and Rowan weren’t in the first book, but it is still a very entertaining standalone. Hopefully, the next few books will go back to them!

Zoe is a normal girl down on her luck. Her mom is an alcoholic who doesn’t really care that they are living in a trailer park, and her sister works in a strip club. She is cleaning in the police station as a side job to pay for her community college, but she honestly doesn’t see herself getting very far.

Rowan is a vampire who has had to live without his mate for many years. After starving himself, he plans to let himself turn to ash in the sun so that he can finally join her. Then he stumbles across a car accident, and one of the dead girls looks so much like her that he can’t help but drink from her. He finds himself arrested, and is too weak from the starvation to break himself out. Zoe finds him and is intrigued by him. She could help him, but this might mean that she has to leave everything she has ever known. But does she have anything worth staying for?

I loved seeing Rowan and Zoe grow together in this short story. Rowan comes to her very suicidal due to living alone for so many years. Without his mate, he never saw another vampire. Zoe has been alone as she is the only one in her house who hasn’t just succumbed to the circumstances, and she doesn’t have time in her day to hang out with anyone else. They came together at just the right time to give each other what they needed.

As this is a novella, I was expecting just a little bit of backstory about Caroline and Roric’s world. Instead, I received an entirely new story filled with vibrant characters and an amazing plot. There was description of every scene, from the trailer that Zoe lived in, to the cell that Rowan was in. It really made the book feel alive. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this was a prequel that took me a good 30 minutes to read, and I am a fast reader. This was one of the longest novellas I have read in a while! I would be fine with a full-length novel just about Zoe and Rowan.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a new adult paranormal romance novel.

I received an advance copy of this book and this is my voluntary review!

Hated Review (Goldilocks and the Three Dragons Prequel)

Marigold was thrown in jail because she stole her necklace back from an arrogant noble who took it from her. Now she is free, but not many people want to hire her. She runs away from the city, and vows to find a way to live in a neighboring area, where the authorities hopefully won’t find her. Nevetheless, the trouble follows her. Now, she has been swept up into the world of dragon shifters.

This short prequel tells the story of Marigold’s journey from prison, to the city where the next few stories in the series are most likely going to take place. It also explains the backstory of Marigold’s character.

There isn’t much character development here because it is a prequel to the first novel. The most character activity is in the form of telling Marigold’s story and seeing the world through her eyes.

There is definitely quite a bit of world-building, as we get to see how the prison system works in Marigold’s world and how the nobles treat their citizens. Once we get to the shifters, we also see how the military works and how the different cities are connected.

The plot moves rather quickly in this novel, but it is only a couple of days that we get to see in this prequel. It ends right before the next book is going to start, and I can’t wait to read Bated and find out what happens next!

There were no editing or formatting errors in the story.

I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys reverse-harem adult romance and fairy tale retellings.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Soraya: A Wielders of Arantha Prequel Review

Soraya: A Wielders of Arantha Prequel

This novel tells the story of how the first Protectresses managed to come to be within their male-dominated societies on the Planet Elystra.

A group of vicious slavers kidnapped twenty girls from all walks of life from their homes and forced them to go on a dangerous journey to the market. They also stole the Agrusian Stone, which was fabled for its beauty and pricelessness. Among the stolen was 18-year-old Sahria, a faithful girl who was in the middle of religious training for her god Arantha. She creates bonds with several of the girls on the wagon train and in her cart, and she is determined to save some of them if she can.

This story was one of the best prequels that I have ever read. Usually, when I read a prequel, it is very short and only focuses on one aspect of the series. This time, I haven’t even started the Wielders of Arantha series before reading this. I had absolutely no idea about anything in the series or anything in the universe of this book. The first thing that I noticed was that the book was 215 e-pages, which is quite long compared to the other e-novellas that I tend to read. Then I got started to read the story.

The worldbuilding of this novel was incredible. Soon, I was transported to a world where women were in danger of having their lives turned upside down simply by these slavers kidnapping them. Some were in the middle of what was supposed to be the best day of their lives but were simply ripped away. These women formed bonds as they tried to do what they could to stay alive during in the horrible conditions.

Every single girl had their own personality. I can remember each one that Sahria sat beside in the wagon by name, which is difficult for me to do normally. I won’t say too much about them, as the most fun in this novel comes from finding out the stories of each individual one.

This novel has a fast pace, but it isn’t fast enough for any details to be missed. It simply keeps the readers engaged all the way through. I can’t wait to start with Pawns and the rest of this series.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an amazing New Adult fantasy read.

I received a copy of this book for free and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 6/5


Fallen Angel Review

Fallen Angel: Dawn of Reckoning (Blood Bound Origins Novella Book 1) by [Myers, J.L., Myers, J.L.]

This short story is a prequel to JL Myers’ Blood Bound series.

Lucifer has been thrown out of Heaven, and even though the angel Gabriel tries to vouch for him, the other angels want him banished to Earth. After being banished to Earth, he decides to attack God’s creations, humans, and turn them against Him.

This story shows the creation of vampires in a unique way that I absolutely loved. I have owned the first book in the Blood Bound series for ages, but I never got into it. Now I can’t wait to read it, simply because this short story was so good! I felt sorry for Lucifer who seemed to make the wrong decisions every time that drove him out of Heaven. I also liked his side story with Gabriel.

If you are interested in reading the Blood Bound series, I would definitely recommend that you start with this book. Even if you aren’t interested in that series, try this short story out. You will not be disappointed.

Overall Rating: 5/5