Final Fantasy XIV First Impressions


I had always wanted to play Final Fantasy XIV ever since I first heard about it a few years ago. When I logged onto Twitch Prime and saw that it was going to be free for a month, I just knew that I had to try it out. I didn’t get to play for that long, as the free trial was only for a month and I can’t see paying right now in the middle of the semester. But for what I did play, the game seemed a bit….lackluster.

For starters, The character creation was ok, but I couldn’t design my outfit! I wanted my character to have bright purple hair, but then the rest of her outfit came up and it was a bright red skirt. It clashed AWFULLY, so badly that I ended up just changing my hair to match. If you were able to pick at least the color of your character’s outfit, it would make things a whole lot simpler and a whole lot more fun at the start of the game.

The combat seemed to be very uninvolved. I chose Archer because I wanted to be a rogue further down the line in the game, but I felt like I was just sitting for most of the first few levels. Sure, I got to attack all of these cool monsters, but it was more just me watching my character attack them. Sometimes I had to hit a button or two, sometimes I didn’t. The Tab Targeting was pretty bad, I felt like I would have to click three or four times just to get my character to attack the squirrel right in front of her. Then, I accidentally got a bit lost, and ended up in an area with monsters that were far above my level. I felt like I was in

The best part of the game did seem to just be the environment. It wasn’t dark like many other games, and felt vibrant with all the NPCs, animals and magical creatures around. I didn’t get to talk to many other real people in the game, but I was having enough fun on my own.

Where I ended up stopping was around levels 11-12 where I had to put these things into some pots in a cave? But there were these skeletons that would run up behind me and kill me without even really allowing me to fight back. If I had googled it I could have probably gotten past this point, but school made me busy again, and this was where I stopped.

Overall, I am so, so, so happy that Twitch Prime gave me the chance to try this game for a month for free. Even though I ended up not using that entire month, I was still able to give it a try. I might even buy another month during the summer to get another chance. If you have Amazon Prime, you automatically have Twitch Prime, and you can get the game for free right now to try it out for yourself. Just go to this link: (Affiliate Link) and sign in with your Amazon Prime account! There are also a few other free games and deals that they come out with every single month. I’ll be reviewing my first impressions of the other Twitch Prime games that I have, as I love a good freebie.

Thanks for reading!