The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5 Review

The Gifted

Now that the team is back together, they have to work together in order to get the Sentinel Services off of their trail. Polaris and Eclipse shoot down a drone together, but then they run into Jace. Polaris decides to kidnap him in order to get information out of him about how they are turning the mutants against each other. They end up all having a bit of a conversation, where her and Eclipse learned about his daughter. Then Dreamer and Blink show up, where Dreamer tries to search his memories about the mutant facility.

Thunderbird works with Reed in order to lead the services away. Reed has to work with the man that he almost betrayed a few episodes ago, and he almost gets betrayed himself. However, he makes it back to his family, and he is determined to help the rest of the mutants with his knowledge of the law and police procedures.

Blink struggles with the memory that Dreamer gave her, and eventually confronts her about going into her head.

Jace loses most of his memories due to Dreamer’s rushed gift, and has to go through losing his daughter again after he forgot about it.

Mrs. Strucker and the kids have to perform surgery on a mutant that was injured when his power turned off during the heist during the last episode.

These episodes with Dreamer truly make me interested in how she was found. Usually, mutants use their powers without knowing it when they first get them. So, who did she start manipulating before she knew that she could?

Also, I wonder what is going to happen to Jace, now that he has forgotten what has occurred for the past 4 years. Is he going to be lenient on mutants, or is he going to go completely out of his mind?

I am also worried about Polaris. She seems like she really wants to have her child with Eclipse, but I feel like something is going to go wrong. She is still running around, kidnapping people, and it is unknown how this will affect her baby. Or maybe she will be on a mission gone wrong and lose her baby. I am definitely worried about her.

Overall Rating: 6/5

The Gifted Season 1 Episode 4 Review

The Gifted, eXit Strategy

Polaris and Reed are being held together in the jail, and are about to be transported to a more secure facility. This is the chance for the mutants of the Mutant Underground to reclaim her and start to beat the Sentinel Services. Eclipse must go to a former friend in order to find out when the bus for Polaris and Reed will be leaving, and the rest of the mutants have to find a way to stop the bus to get Polaris and Reed off.

Andy and Lauren find out that if they work together, Andy’s destruction powers can be limited to a specific area by Lauren’s protective powers. Therefore, they can work together to blow a single wheel off of a bus. Andy struggles to find his powers, but after Lauren riles him up, they are able to blow the wheel off of the bus.

While they are in the middle of trying to save Polaris and Reed, all of their powers suddenly stop. Thunderbird realizes with horror that his best friend Pulse who was supposed to have died during a failed mission in the past is now working for the Sentinel Services, and using his powers to shut down mutant abilities.

Polaris and Reed are saved successfully, and the group escapes. However, they do not know what will happen because of mutants being taken and used against each other.

I love this show, and I found myself being really drawn in by the end of this episode. The storyline with Jace losing his daughter and slowly hating all mutants is really interesting to see, and it is something that could happen to someone. Every time I see him on the screen, I am reminded of people in real life who have something bad happen to someone they love by a single person, and then blame a whole group of people that the person belonged to. For example, those who hate all police officers for one police officer killing someone whom they loved. It is realistic, even though it is in a fantasy setting, and it shows how grief can consume a person. Jace is not a bad person, but he might end up going beyond what his job tells him to due, as he wants revenge for his daughter. I cannot wait to see how much he develops, or how he changes, throughout the rest of the series.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 4 Review

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: THINGS JUST GOT SO REAL

Archie’s Red Circle is failing, as the Principal promises to disband the football team until they make an official apology and eliminate the group. Many of the players say that they are going to quit the group, but Archie is determined to get revenge for Mrs. Grundy and his father. He goes into the SouthSide with his gun, spray painting red circles on the buildings. He scares off some Serpents with his gun but he scares himself in the process. Veronica has to go to the school to retrieve it for him, and she tells him that she threw it away. Then, when the football players come to Archie to apologize, they get into a fight in the Serpents, which ends with the Serpents being scared off by the gun that Veronica took from Archie, and one of Archie’s friends being stabbed in the leg by a Serpent.

Betty receives a letter from the Black Hood saying that he was inspired by her Jubilee Ball speech and that included a cipher that only she could solve, in order to find out where his next attack would be. At first she doesn’t tell anyone about the rest of the letter, but then she trusts Jughead in order to solve the cipher, and in the end has to tell the other town officials after the Town Hall meeting turns out to be the Black Hood’s next place of attack.

My favorite part of this episode was definitely seeing Veronica be a bit responsible. Archie is going completely off the rails, yet no one is noticing because they are all going a little crazy due to these attacks. I hope that someone notices how bad he is getting before he kills someone.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 3 Review


Meet The Parents - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 3

Kevin hears the gunshot in the woods from Midge & Moose’s car and goes to see what happens. Moose covered Midge, so only he got shot, but he is rushed to the hospital and survives the attack. After this, Archie decides that the football team, filled with the strongest boys in the town, ought to form their own team to try and help fight the Black Hood. So he forms the Red Circle, and films an intimidating (ish) video where all of the members of the football team stand bare chested with red hoods on their heads and vow to protect Riverdale.

Alright, so the Red Circle video was hilarious, I found a clip of it, just skip to the end, I was just laughing. Like in the show it was supposed to be intimidating but it was simply funny to me.

Anyways moving on, Betty and Kevin are having a spat of their own, as Kevin keeps going into the woods to find men to…well to find men to hook up with, there’s no better way to put it. Betty believes that this is dangerous, as the woods are where people think the Black Hood is hiding, plus the men might be dangerous. However, Kevin is feeling lonely as one of the few gay men in his hometown, so he does it until Betty tells his father and Kevin almost has a dangerous encounter.

Jughead is still at the Southside High, where he has befriended Toni, a female Serpent, and has restarted the school newspaper. He doesn’t want to be associated with the Serpents, but he soon realizes how dangerous it is for him to be alone.

My favorite part of this episode was definitely Kevin’s arguments with Betty. Even though Betty was butting in and eventually really hurt him, she did end up possibly saving his life, by giving him a sense of caution when he was going into a car.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 3 Review

J’onn must return to Mars, and he thinks that M’Gann is in danger. However, the truth is that his father, thought dead for hundreds of years, has been found as the last prisoner of the White Martians. He is the only one who knows where the White Martians are moving a scepter that could potentially wipe out the resistance without even touching them. J’onn must figure out how to convince his father to tell them where they are moving it, but his father is convinced that his son is dead.

Maggie and Alex are having their wedding bridal shower, Maggie decides to invite her father, whom she hasn’t spoken to since he kicked her out of the house when she was 14 years old. He arrives and seems to be making an effort to change and accept his daughter. However, in the end, he cannot accept that she is choosing to be an outcast by marrying a woman, when he worked so hard to make her not be an outcast because of their race.

My favorite parts in this episode were J’onn finally being able to reminisce about his family with his father and Maggie getting closure with her father and realizing that he is just not going to be able to accept her. Both of these things were important in the development of the characters, as J’onn is finally getting closure about Mars, and Maggie about her life in general. I am also glad that I am getting to see the side characters get a lot of screen time this season!

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Supergirl Vs Psi - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2

Supergirl must battle Psi, a villian who can make you see your worst fears. This is something even Supergirl struggles to fight, especially as she is still working on getting over the fear of what happened to Mon-El after she sent him off.

Lena and James are butting heads, as Lena wants to be involved in the running of CatCo, and James wants to be completely in charge as he has been since Cat left.

Ruby and her mother Samantha struggle as her mother has just received a new job and Ruby gets into a fight with a girl at school about whether or not her mom  has superpowers. When Ruby puts herself into danger, it is up to Samantha to save her again.

I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the season premiere. This episode truly showed how fear and anxiety can affect anyone, including superheroes. My favorite part of this show was when Samantha saved her daughter, even though we still do not know what causes her superpowers. Ruby made me a bit angry in this episode, as she purposefully put herself into trouble in order to be “saved” by her mother. This would be fine if she was supposed to be like 5-9 year old. However, the actress is 13, and looks to be at least 12 if not older. SO this just seems like a middle schooler  having a very immature temper tantrum. This did not taint the episode for me, as I still enjoyed the storyline very much, but it was worth mentioning.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The Gifted Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Thunderbird The Mentor - The Gifted Season 1 Episode 3

Mrs Strucker decides to take her and her kids to her brother for protection, however the others think this is a very bad idea. This is proven when the neighborhood is attracted to the house from an instagram post by Andy’s cousin, and they are forced to run. Mr. Strucker has to reveal where the mutant underground is in order to gain his and his family’s freedom, but as he is carrying out his mission, he is slowed down by a mutant mother and daughter who are trying to find freedom. Clarice struggles with her portal powers, and Dreamer wants to use her powers to get into Clarice’s head and give her something to work for.

This show honestly just keeps getting better every week. My favorite part of this episode was when Andy’s cousin posted a picture of the statue Andy had bent, drawing him to the house. The whole episode, I had been watching the brother/uncle, waiting for him to do something and rat his family out. However, the whole time I should’ve been waiting for the idiot cousin to do something.

I wonder if in the next episode we will get to see the aftereffects of Dreamer’s powers!

Overall Rating: 5/5

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1 Review (Spoilers!)


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The season starts with Archie rushing his father, who has been shot at a local diner, to the hospital. Once his father is in surgery, Archie calls his friends to come to the hospital for moral support, and the gang is reunited in fearful waiting for Archie’s father to come out of surgery. Archie doesn’t know why the robber shot his father, and he is going through some emotional turmoil because he thinks he failed to protect his dad. Veronica is struggling as her father is coming home soon, but she still wants to be there for the boy she loves, Archie. Jughead and Betty do some sleuthing of their own to find out who tried to hurt Archie’s dad, and they discover that no money was taken from the diner, so the shooter must have been there specifically to hurt Archie’s dad. Jughead asks the Serpents to do some sleuthing as well, but he gets more than he bargained for. Cheryl is with her mother in the hospital who is suffering from severe burns after Cheryl started the fire, and she is determined to control her mother’s life now that she knows who really killed her brother.

My favorite part of this episode was when Veronica and Archie were back at his house. Veronica wanted to be helpful and took Archie’s dad’s clothes out of the bag that he hospital had given him, but Archie becomes enraged saying that she shouldn’t have touched anything and that his dad’s wallet was missing. He tries to kick her out, but Veronica tells him that she won’t leave because he needs someone to help him through his fears instead of leaving him.

Personally, I have always seen Bughead as the couple with the most emotional attachment to each other, so to see Veronica truly comforting and helping Archie was a first. I enjoy seeing this more responsible and mature side of this couple, and I hope to see more of it as the series progresses.

Overall Rating: 6/5

The Gifted Season 1 Episode 2 Review (Spoilers)

New images for Stephen Moyer's series from Fox: "The Gifted"

After portaling the Struckers and the rest of the Mutant gang from the lot back to the home base/mansion, Blink starts to go into shock. Mrs. Strucker is shocked to find out that underground group does not have a stash of medicine or a doctor, so as the only nurse it is up to her to help Blink. While she runs with Eclipse to a nearby hospital that treats mutants to steal some medicine, Lauren, Thunderbird, and Andy stay at home base to protect Blink and themselves from the errant portals she is opening.

Mr. Strucker has been taken into custody, where they are questioning anyone and everyone in his life. He continues to try to make a deal with the people he formerly worked with, in order to save his family.

This show just keeps getting better and better. Every week, I am going to start naming my favorite part of the episode, and my favorite part of this episode was with Mrs. Strucker and Eclipse. Eclipse had to pretend to be injured in order to go to the hospital, which wasn’t that hard since he had recently been shot so the wound was still open. Mrs. Strucker pretended to be his girlfriend, but she also looked a bit banged up due to their escapades escaping from the spider things in the lot. When the doctors were treating Eclipse, they pulled Mrs. Strucker aside, and said that they could help her if their situation was turning violent. One doctor even said that while some people like to date mutants because they think it will be exciting, but that it might be violent. Mrs. Strucker has spent time with who are considered the most dangerous mutants now, and she sees that they are not violent unnecessarily nor purposefully. She hates that the doctor is generalizing them, especially when they count as her children, but she has to keep up her facade and just says that he didn’t hurt her. This felt like a really deep statement to me, as it could be put into today’s racial contexts, and I love how this show is including these types of statements within their episodes. Bravo!

Overall Rating: 6/5

Outlander Review

Outlander (Outlander, #1)

Claire married her husband Frank at the age of 20, but then she left to be an army nurse for 7 years during WWII. She and him are now, finally, reunited for their eighth year of marriage, and are attempting to have children. However, as her husband mentions in passing conversation, 7 years is a long time. Claire was loyal to their marriage, resisting the urge to have meaningless flings as the other nurses and doctors did. however, with that comment, she begins to wonder how faithful her husband was.

Frank and Claire go to see the town’s “witches” do a secret ritual in a stone circle. Claire does not believe in witchcraft, but when she brushes the stones a few days later, she time travels back to the year 1743. The Scots are at war with the English, and she lands right in the middle of the Scottish Army. Because of her British accent, they believe that she is a British spy. In order to protect herself, she marries a soldier named Jamie, and traverses the savage lands of colonial Scotland.

This book is amazing. If you haven’t read if, and are 16 ish and above, read this book. The only reason I wouldn’t recommend this book to young high schoolers is due to the violence, goriness, and detailed sexual scenes that lie within these pages. If you aren’t fainthearted, read on!

Claire and Jamie seem to come to life through these pages. I love historical fiction because it puts a face to the meaningless reports of wars. If 9/11 was described as simply a building falling down, no one would care about it. This is how, in my opinion, history books describe much of history. The Civil War, where over 1 million people died, is not even learned about for 3 weeks in history class. But even though this book is not based factually, it is a very interesting story about what it could have been like to live in early Scotland.

I cannot possibly put everything about this book into one review, as I felt as if I had spend the time that I would usually take reading 3 different stories reading this 1, but I can only urge you to experience this for yourself.

Overall Rating: 6/5