Things I Love About Animal Crossing! Part 1

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I’ve given all the things that I had to complain about for each Animal Crossing game that I’ve ever played. Now, as we get (hopefully) closer to the announcement of the Animal Crossing Switch release date, I am going to talk about all the things that I loved about each Animal Crossing game!

Animal Crossing (Gamecube)

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In this game, you actually get to choose when you want to do errands! Rather than an animal randomly running into you and forcing you to do something, there’s always a choice for you to ask an animal if they need you to do something. I didn’t have to stand around, waiting for an animal to possibly run into me! Sure, some of the errands were repetitive. But they were almost always Nintendo related! Like I would have to get Peanut’s Gameboy from another villager. Sometimes I would have to go to a bunch of different villagers to get one Gameboy, they just loaned the same person’s thing around to 20 different people! But it would be a way to get to know each villager, get a few free items, and have something to do all the time. It just made the world more alive.

No Multiplayer

In this game, it was hard to play multiplayer. This meant that the developers had to make most aspects of the game available to someone who wasn’t using multiplayer. I actually don’t know if there was anything special you could get through multiplayer that you couldn’t get through singleplayer. Maybe just getting fruits faster? This game seemed to have its own complete world because you didn’t have to have friends to play. I played this game as I was moving, and the only friend had was my sister. We share the same Gamecube, we couldn’t play together at the same time. We were able to work separately on beautifying the village and have an amazing time without having to worry about reaching out to strangers online to try to get something in-game, like you do in future games. This just felt more like its own enclosed world, which I loved.


This is just a small tidbit, but I love that the villagers have their own tents and igloos. Sometimes, during summer or winter, they would go camping somewhere else in town in the tent or igloo. It was really cute and I loved seeing who was on vacation each day.

Post Office

I like that the post office would fill up so you would see the postman to get the mail. Again, just another small touch that made the game feel more alive.

Housing Circle/Golems

It felt like a neighborhood when all the player’s houses were in a circle with the community board in the center. I had my sister living across from me and my dad (who played like twice lol) living diagnolly. My mom never played, but her “house” was there too. It felt like a family game even though we could only play one at a time. The golem personal assistants were also nice touches, and you could sell items to your family members who also played the game!

I could go on about this game, but I don’t want to make this post too long. This is probably my favorite, or at least a tie with New Leaf. Tune in next week for a few more of my favorite things!


Animal Crossing (All Versions): Things that I Disliked Part 1

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I haven’t spoken about Animal Crossing in a while, but it is my absolute favorite game series. I have played every single game except for Amiibo Festival (which doesn’t really count as an Animal Crossing game in my opinion). I know which parts of each game that I liked, and parts that I disliked, and parts that I hope will be in Animal Crossing for the Switch that is supposed to be coming out later this year. For the next 3 Video Game Tuesdays, I will be focusing specifically on Animal Crossing, and going through these topics on all the games. The first one is all the stuff that I didn’t like about each individual game. This one will be split into two parts, with the second part coming tomorrow, since it is so long!

Animal Crossing Gamecube

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This was my first Animal Crossing game and is my favorite one. There are so many good things about it, but it definitely had its flaws.


In this game, you have to mail all your fossils to an outside museum to be analyzed and sent back to you. This means that you have to pay the postage for every fossil sent, and it was just too long of a wait for my impatient self. I never put more than 2 or 3 fossils in the museum at a time.

Number of villagers

This will be both in my likes and dislikes. You could have a lot more villagers in the GC version than you could have in later versions, which was both a blessing and a curse. It was hard to keep up with all the villagers, and sometimes I forgot that I had villagers and so they would move away.

No multiplayer

Even though you could have multiple people living in the town of your console, there was no way to play together in minigames through splitscreen. The villagers might mention the other character but that was it. The only way to go to another person’s town was to put their memory card into your console, and I didn’t have any friends who played the game, or even had a Gamecube, so I had no one’s town to see.

Not much to do

Sometimes, after you’ve watered all the flowers, did errands for a bunch of villagers, fished, caught bugs, shopped, and decorated to your heart’s content, you just got bored. Sure, there’s a lot to do, but I remember thinking “Man I am out of things to do” and switching to one of the newer Animal Crossing games. A lot of things were time-locked as well, the special events at least, so if you didn’t play at those times, you didn’t have the chance to participate.

Animal Crossing Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World (Game) - Giant Bomb

Barebones Animal Crossing Game

There is very little to do in this game. There are no more ways to ask the villagers for errands, they would have to walk up to you by chance and ask you. You can fish, catch bugs, and do decorating and digging but you really have to create your fun.

Few Events

This Animal Crossing game took out all events related to religion. No Easter Bunny, no Christmas events, nothing. They had some generic events, but they were so infrequent that it felt like you would go weeks in real life before happening to come across an in-game event.

Wifi-Locked Stores

There were parts of the game that you could only get if you had connected your DS Lite to the Wifi and traveled to another person’s town. Then, the person had to do stuff in your town, such as buy from the Nook store to upgrade it to the full department store. This was hard because some people didn’t have wifi, and some people didn’t have Wifi that the DS could connect to, like me. Also, as a kid, unless I was going to play with a stranger online, I had no one to play with. So I never got to access these parts of the game. Now that the Wifi servers for the DS Lite have gone permanently offline, anyone who gets the game will technically never be able to complete it.


The Action Replay was a card that people got to change their games. It was an easy thing to get, some people got it for their kids to turn off Mr. Resetti in the game. Either way, it was easy to hack the DS Lite, and if you played a Wild World game with a hacker, they could mess you up big time. They could hack rocks or buildings to block your house in so that you could never leave home on that save. They could mess up your entire town and then leave, forcing the game to save, and permanently destroy it. They could even permanently brick your DS Lite, making it impossible to use it at all. This may have nothing to do with the game, but the fact is that WW became a way for hackers to mess with a lot of people. You had to be really careful, which is why I am kinda glad that my DS couldn’t connect. I couldn’t randomly connect with a stranger online and have my DS ruined.

Animal Crossing City Folk

The Top 10 Things the IGN Nintendo Team is Thankful For - IGNF’ing Grass!!

Oh my god, what the heck were the developers thinking?? In this game, the grass was supposed to wear down if you ran. But it was way too fast, so even if you walked speedily, your whole town would have huge dirt patches. You had to slow walk everywhere. Snow only lands on grass patches, so if you wanted a pretty town in winter, you better CRAWL everywhere.


Redd was in the city rather than appearing in town from time to time, and a few other characters were in the city. This might be a pet peeve, but it was kinda weird for seedy Redd to have a store, I preferred the tent. It just fulfilled the look.


The Auction house literally does nothing? I don’t even know why it was there, I never had enough friends coming over for it to do anything.