Video Game Tuesdays: Timeshift

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Boy oh boy, have I been having some fun with this game. This game is an FPS game for the Xbox 360 with one of the coolest game mechanics I have ever seen. It is fast paced with you just randomly picking up guns around the map and trying to destroy your friends, but you can also pick up time grenades. These grenades slow down time for anyone caught in them, so their movements are slow, and so are their bullets. Most of the game is spent running around trying to gather the best guns and just tossing around time grenades, it’s great.

The best part about this game is that you can have 16 players in a single lobby. This is a great thing if you are in a Discord server and just want everyone to be able to fit into one lobby at once. There is little to no lag, even when I am from the Northern US playing with people from the south, UK, and Ireland.

Honestly, I’ve already gotten so much playtime out of this literal 2 dollar game. 2 dollars and change at Gamestop. If you want to have some fun online with friends but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is definitely the game for you. There is plenty of fun left in this installment.

I wish that there were newer Timeshifts available. It is so cheap because most people have forgotten the series ever existed, but honestly, it is so much fun! The time mechanic makes for such silly yet somewhat challenging gameplay and leads to a lot of laughs as everyone is struggling to get out of their own time bubble. This is something that I haven’t seen before or after this game was released, so I don’t think any other video games even included this mechanic in any way. This one is unique!

This game isn’t too difficult to find, you can get a PC or Xbox 360 version. I don’t think there is cross-platform play, but the games are cheap enough that you could get both versions without putting a dent into your wallet. I hope that more people start to play and enjoy this game before its servers eventually get shut down. I’m surprised that they are still up seeing how old the game is, but some people are still playing and looking for matches. You won’t be alone on the 360 version!

Overall, this was so much fun, and I will definitely be playing it often.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Video Game Tuesdays: Borderlands 2 Xbox 360

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I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 off and on for the past few weeks, and boy oh boy is it so much fun! I haven’t ever really played FPS singleplayer games, but I have been enjoying this one.

Borderlands 2 may be FPS, but it feels like more of a typical Action RPG that uses swords or something. I didn’t feel like I was being hindered by having to use a gun. I didn’t feel slowed down by having to aim instead of just slicing through hordes of enemies like I normally like to do. I actually felt more powerful by using my pistols!

I am not great at FPS games, but I feel that even a bad player like me could have fun. This game actually improved my skill in other FPS games, without making me feel as if there was too steep of a learning curve. I also didn’t feel like I was punished too much if I ended up using too many bullets because I suck at aiming. It gave me the chance to practice.

My main selling point of this game is the amazing multiplayer. Me and a friend have been playing this game once or twice a week together. The game saves our progress in the campaign, so we never have to worry about having to start from the beginning every time we boot up the game. We have had a third player in sometimes, and the game has 4 slots. The next time he couldn’t join, and we were still able to continue where we left off with him. The enemies weren’t suddenly too hard for two people to defeat, the game had balanced itself out. Did I mention that my friend lives in Ireland and I live near NYC? We play on Xbox 360 with little to no lag. Borderlands 2 really was amazing when it came to multiplayer design.

Also, one thing that was my pet peeve in multiplayer games was when you had to try to split up items. Like, if there was money, you would have to try to split it and figure out who would pick up what so that no one would be too poor to buy what they needed. This game automatically splits all the money between players. It even gives bullets to both players when someone picks up ammo. The only thing it doesn’t have is duplicates of every single dropped item, but trading is so easy that it isn’t a problem to trade stuff like health packs or guns or shields.

Oh, and lastly, you can get this game for 3 DOLLARS!!! 3 dollars if you buy it at Gamestop. Whether you buy it in store or online. 2.69 if you are a Pro member (like me!). So you basically get all of this fun, hours upon hours (How Long To Beat says the main story is 30 hours and Main +Extra is over 50 hours) for less than the price of a large fry or a Big Mac from McDonalds. To be honest, many of the Xbox 360 games are really cheap and you can still have lots of fun with them. You just have to buy Live to play online, but you get free games with Live too, so there’s no losing here.

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun, cheap game to play on your own or with friends.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Video Game Tuesdays: Caveblazers Nintendo Switch Review

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I bought this game on sale for around 11 bucks, and boy was it worth it! This game is so much fun.

The main mode in the game is running through randomly generated dungeons. There is gold hidden throughout the dungeon that can be used at shrines for various gifts, blessings around the map for free that give you powerups, and items dropped throughout the map. Every 2 (I think) rooms, you get a random boss. The point of the game is really to die, as you get to just restart the dungeon and you might get a powerup that makes it easier to kill the monster and collect more powerups.

I haven’t gotten past the fourth room past the first boss yet in the time that I have played it, but it isn’t boring. Every single round of the game is unique, as the enemies and world are randomly generated. You don’t even know what boss you are going to get at the end, which has been ruining my chances of winning so far! But I just keep trying over and over again, hoping that the next round will somehow be better.

Then, there are different game modes. One of my favorites seems to be just wave after wave of enemies, with breaks every “wave” (like 5 mini-waves) so you can choose which items to use next. This is actually really good, as it gives me the chance to try out new weapons and powerups without potentially jeopardizing my actual dungeon run. It has also introduced me to quite a few new enemies that I had never met before, and I now know how to fight them in case I come across them in the deeper levels of the dungeons.

Then there are the daily runs? I’m not quite sure how those work yet, they seem just like the regular dungeon runs, except maybe with more enemies, and you get nothing out of it? Again, this game has a lot packed into it, so I haven’t even gotten the chance to try this mode out much!

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On top of all this, there are perks that you can choose before you enter the main dungeon to change your playstyle. For example, if you love magic, there’s a perk that starts you off with a wand and no sword. You want to be a Grim Reaper? There’s a perk that starts you off like that. You can still collect items as normal, but this is a way to customize the playthrough to your own personal style. And then you can even change the look of the character with clothes that you win by leveling up in the dungeons.

There’s even a story! I haven’t unlocked much of it because I suck at the game, but I am seeing random NPCs come into my section of the dungeons and unlock different things for me. I can’t wait to see if more come and cooler things come the deeper I get into the mines.

Overall, for the cheap price, this was an amazing indie game. I would totally recommend it the next time it goes on sale over some of the 60 dollar 1st party Switch games (*cough* Dark Souls Sucks *cough*).

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Video Game Tuesdays: Lara Croft Guardian of Light (Xbox 360 Edition)

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So, I got this game for free when it was on Games with Gold earlier this month. I actually already have on my Itunes account, probably bought it for the Ipad Mini I used to have, but I had never played it until now. I didn’t know what to expect, as I haven’t really played many Tomb Raider games. I’d only played an hour or two of the 2013 Xbox version. This game was so much different than that one in the end, so it didn’t even really matter. You can come into this game without any real experience with Tomb Raider games, and be perfectly fine.

So I was playing this in multiplayer mode. In multiplayer, one person plays as Lara while the other plays as Totec, an ancient Mayan warrior. Lara has a grappling hook that she can use to swing across gaps or climb up a wall. If she has a rope going to another area and she can’t swing over there, Totec can walk on the rope to the other side. Totec has spears that can be embedded in walls. He can’t actually walk on his spears though, as he is too heavy, so Lara must jump on the makeshift “stairs” to get to a higher area. Then they each have weapons, and there are upgrade skills that can be applied to each character. Either way, it is a pretty clean system for a multiplayer puzzle game.

Buy Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Tomb Raider PC ...When I got started, I thought that the puzzles were laughably easy. Then we got to this fire thing, and I thought “Oh, things might not be so simple.” We had a few fights with monsters here and there and got through around 2 challenge rooms in a few minutes without being too stumped.  Then, we got to the actual difficult part of the game. Walls were moving and trying to push you off like the coin machine at an arcade, enemies were popping up out of nowhere and actually doing damage, and there were no more super-linear corridors. You could explore to find and unlock powerups for your character, you weren’t locked in going directly from one place to the next. You even had choices of where you would explore, which was pretty neat. If I had played this on mobile, I probably would have thought it was the best game ever or something. Rarely do they have games on mobile with this much detail, I am happily surprised! Playing on the Xbox that has so many different games on it probably brings down the excitement level a bit, but if I had to choose between Flappy Bird and this on mobile, I would play this in a heartbeat.

I haven’t completed this game yet, but I am hoping to soon. I must be about an hour in, and there are only about 6-8 hours of gameplay. This seems rather short, but since it is multiplayer, I could imagine this being perfect for siblings to sit down and play. It is entertaining for when you are playing it, but you can put it down and come back to it later without completely forgetting what you are doing. Or you can have an ultimate game weekend or something and beat the game all in one go. Tons of fun to be had here! I can’t wait to see how much more difficult the puzzles get as I progress through the game.

I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun and easy-to-learn puzzle game for the 360, PS3, smartphone, or computer!

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 controllers

Video Game Review Tuesdays: The Outfit

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I’m going to start reviewing video games! This might seem out of the blue, but I have been playing games a lot lately as a great stress-reliever. And thanks to my friends in the Xbox 360 Hub Discord server, my Xbox has stopped collecting dust. I play on it all the time, comment below if you want a link to the Discord, it is full of a bunch of great people.

Anyways, back to my review of this game. This game was on sale last week for about 2 dollars and change (It now costs 20 dollars please don’t waste your money), and so some people at the server decided to buy it and play around one night. Before I get into the game, let me get into the history of the game.

This game was released in 2006 by Relic Entertainment. This was the only third person shooter that the company has ever made, as they usually make strategy games like Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War or Company of Heroes. They also mostly make games for the PC, as this was the first of two console games that the company ever made. What was a real-time strategy game company doing making a third person shooter? The Xbox 360 was only a few months old when this game came out, and this game was released around the same time that the games Call of Duty 2, Far Cry Instincts Predator, and Battlefield 2 were released. It had some serious competition.

As I played through the first mission of the singleplayer campaign, I was immediately confused. This was before I knew who made this game. This game is about Americans fighting Nazi’s, and so you have to fight off the hordes of soldiers. But it’s not like you are on a team with random NPCs, you control everything. You have 4 soldiers behind you, if they die, you have to “call in” more soldiers to be airdropped from the sky. If you need a tank, call it in, it will be airdropped from the sky. Need a bridge? Call it in, it will be airdropped from the sky. Need a turret? No problem, it will be airdropped from the sky. Each item costs points, and you get those points by killing the enemies and doing little side missions to “capture” points.

This is a weird mechanic, as I’m pretty sure you can’t just drop a tank from one of the planes they were flying back in the 1940s, but I digress. My pet peeve was that it takes you out of the combat. You are trying to fight off Nazis, then you notice that your men are depleted, and you have to duck behind a rock and wait for them to respawn. If you need a tank to get to another point on the map, you have to call it in and wait for it to spawn. In these seconds, your men can die. And the game refuses to let you enter a tank if you don’t have a full team of 4 men? This made getting through certain portions of the mission a drag as you had to wait for stuff to spawn and hope your men didn’t die before you got the chance to place a turret or drop in a tank. Not to mention that to just call in anything you had to press y, go around the circular menu until you found what you wanted, positioned it perfectly, and then called it in. That’s too much to do when you are being fired on and are using a controller. And this was just the first mission!

I also replayed this first mission with my friend in the Discord server in Co-Op mode. This didn’t make things better, as now we were trying to both drop in tanks and fight off the Nazis. Also, did you know that if you drop the tank on someone it can kill them? I accidentally killed his teammates as I was trying to drop the tank in, even though we were on the same team, so we had to stop and wait for them to be airdropped in before we could even continue with the mission. The second mission was even WORSE, with a phantom “Nazi train” that would just go down the tracks at a random time in the mission, and you had to get your tank or car out of the way so you wouldn’t get crushed and die and have to respawn. Then when we decided to switch games, we found that there was no way to save Co-op mode, so we would have had to totally restart from the beginning of the game if we ever wanted to play Co-op again.

Speaking of moving the tank or car out of the way, the vehicle physics in this game are abysmal. You can drive your tank up the side of the mountain at top speed accidentally,  but then it gets stuck and you can’t get down. The movement is some mixture of “wherever you face is the direction you go in, but you can also move forward and backward.” And then they have a gun at the top that can go in a 360 so you can shoot the tanks of the bad guys, and you have to control that too. The vehicles are all clunky, the Nazi’s have better ones than what you use your points on so you end up just trying to steal those.  The driving is a very important part of this game, so for it to be so bad ruins the entire thing.

Then I played multiplayer with 3 other people, and that was what really made the game even tolerable. The game is bad, which makes the multiplayer hilarious, so we had fun for it being such a cheap game. No one really cares about building turrets or calling in air attacks in the multiplayer, so we would just run around, trying to drive our tanks, and trying to kill each other. It was great fun!

Overall, this game tries to be a cross between an FPS game and a strategy game, and it doesn’t do a very good job of being either. You can’t really have a game like this on a console where you have limited controls. If you could pause the game and place what you needed to place that would be fine, but then it wouldn’t really be a shooter game with any sort of compelling action. If you took out the strategy, it would be ok, but it wouldn’t be fun because of the poor controls. It’s just a bad game, but for 2 dollars and change, I had a lot of fun with my friends laughing at how bad it was.

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 5 controllers

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Review


Alright, so I have been spending a lot of time playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I have every single Animal Crossing Game except for the N64 version and the Amiibo Festiva (Which I do not consider to be a real game). Therefore, I was really looking forward to an animal crossing mobile game. Although the reactions are mixed, here are some of my opinions on it.

On Animal crossing pocket camp, you are in charge of a campsite, and your job is basically to recruit other animals to come and live in your campsite. To do this, you must fulfill requests for them, and you must build specific furniture for them.

Alright, so many people are annoyed with the time that you have to wait to harvest certain things or build certain furniture. However, this is perfect for me. I want a game that I don’t have to sit and waste time playing because I have a lot of other things to do, like reading books or doing homework. This game allows me to wake up in the morning, harvest some things, set some furniture to craft, and then I go to school. By the time I come back, most of my stuff is done, and then I can invite some more villagers to my town.

The only thing that irritates me is that there is not a WHOLE lot to do. The villagers have cute little cutscenes from time to time, but more often than not you just get a short conversation. I bought the KK Slider chair thinking that I would be able to customize my music, but he usually just plays one guitar song (or two). Then, the last thing that irritated me was the fact that there was little to no interaction with other players. I was hoping that they would at least have a chat box where you could make a friend group and talk to them while you were playing, rather like Clash of Clans. At best, I hoped that the people would be able to participate in island minigames like Animal Crossing New Leaf. Nevertheless, there is almost no interaction with friends, besides seeing their islands.

Overall, I hope more stuff is added in updates, but the game is a beautiful time waster, and I find myself playing it almost every day.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Home Street Review

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Home street is a free game on both the Google Play and Apple stores.

When I got this game, I thought it would be like the sims, where you can build your own house, decorate it, befriend other neighbors, work, and do many other things. While this is the sims in some aspects, other aspects are rather irritating.

In order to do anything, you either need “thoughts” or a combination of thoughts and materials from doing other things. For example, to grow vegetables it takes thoughts, and to make carrot cake, you need thoughts and vegetables. These things take real time to produce of course, or you can speed it up using gems. Thoughts can be generated for free as long as you have a thought to duplicate, for example I sacrifice 1 intelligence thought and in 1 minute I gain 2.

The part that gets annoying are the missions. Some missions require you to create a lot of items, or collect a lot of thoughts, or do jobs for neighbors that will give you money if you give them items. These missions seem to be really slow and demanding at times, as it takes quite a few minutes to collect all of the items that you need to fulfill the missions. In the Sims, things may take time, but you do not have to do those things in order for the game to progress. It is up to you whether or not to do these things, you can choose how you want to build your character and your world. This is what most of these mobile Sim-ish games forget.

Also, you can’t do anything with your character. You literally can’t even move them, they just run around pretending to do the jobs whereas you can have 10 jobs going at once and they just cycle around as the timer counts down. I can’t make my character talk or dance, or even sit on the couch. What’s the point of buying all the stuff for my house if my character can’t even interact with it?

Also, the neighbors can be real people. I thought “cool, maybe if we are on at the same time, we can chat!”. However, when you visit other people’s towns, they just run around doing their chores. All you can do is help them out with an activity by donating an emotion or something, and then move on. When you invite them over, its just their avatar that pops up, your avatars pretend to say hi, the avatars run around for a bit, they HAVE to stay for like 10-15 minutes, and then they go and give you an emote. No chatting, no interaction, and they aren’t even online when you go to your town or they come to yours. It’s just the game making the avatar run around. There is no real interaction with other players besides buying stuff from other people’s stores, almost like Hay Day or something.

Overall, this game was an alright home building game. However, if it wanted to be a city builder without interaction between players, I wish that they had a larger city where you could do more things. If it wanted to be a game like the sims where you have an avatar that you can decorate a house with and visit other players, I wish that it had more interacting with your avatar, and with other players. I will keep this game on my phone as it did help to pass time, and hopefully in future updates there will be more of these things.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5


The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5 Review

The Gifted

Now that the team is back together, they have to work together in order to get the Sentinel Services off of their trail. Polaris and Eclipse shoot down a drone together, but then they run into Jace. Polaris decides to kidnap him in order to get information out of him about how they are turning the mutants against each other. They end up all having a bit of a conversation, where her and Eclipse learned about his daughter. Then Dreamer and Blink show up, where Dreamer tries to search his memories about the mutant facility.

Thunderbird works with Reed in order to lead the services away. Reed has to work with the man that he almost betrayed a few episodes ago, and he almost gets betrayed himself. However, he makes it back to his family, and he is determined to help the rest of the mutants with his knowledge of the law and police procedures.

Blink struggles with the memory that Dreamer gave her, and eventually confronts her about going into her head.

Jace loses most of his memories due to Dreamer’s rushed gift, and has to go through losing his daughter again after he forgot about it.

Mrs. Strucker and the kids have to perform surgery on a mutant that was injured when his power turned off during the heist during the last episode.

These episodes with Dreamer truly make me interested in how she was found. Usually, mutants use their powers without knowing it when they first get them. So, who did she start manipulating before she knew that she could?

Also, I wonder what is going to happen to Jace, now that he has forgotten what has occurred for the past 4 years. Is he going to be lenient on mutants, or is he going to go completely out of his mind?

I am also worried about Polaris. She seems like she really wants to have her child with Eclipse, but I feel like something is going to go wrong. She is still running around, kidnapping people, and it is unknown how this will affect her baby. Or maybe she will be on a mission gone wrong and lose her baby. I am definitely worried about her.

Overall Rating: 6/5

The Gifted Season 1 Episode 4 Review

The Gifted, eXit Strategy

Polaris and Reed are being held together in the jail, and are about to be transported to a more secure facility. This is the chance for the mutants of the Mutant Underground to reclaim her and start to beat the Sentinel Services. Eclipse must go to a former friend in order to find out when the bus for Polaris and Reed will be leaving, and the rest of the mutants have to find a way to stop the bus to get Polaris and Reed off.

Andy and Lauren find out that if they work together, Andy’s destruction powers can be limited to a specific area by Lauren’s protective powers. Therefore, they can work together to blow a single wheel off of a bus. Andy struggles to find his powers, but after Lauren riles him up, they are able to blow the wheel off of the bus.

While they are in the middle of trying to save Polaris and Reed, all of their powers suddenly stop. Thunderbird realizes with horror that his best friend Pulse who was supposed to have died during a failed mission in the past is now working for the Sentinel Services, and using his powers to shut down mutant abilities.

Polaris and Reed are saved successfully, and the group escapes. However, they do not know what will happen because of mutants being taken and used against each other.

I love this show, and I found myself being really drawn in by the end of this episode. The storyline with Jace losing his daughter and slowly hating all mutants is really interesting to see, and it is something that could happen to someone. Every time I see him on the screen, I am reminded of people in real life who have something bad happen to someone they love by a single person, and then blame a whole group of people that the person belonged to. For example, those who hate all police officers for one police officer killing someone whom they loved. It is realistic, even though it is in a fantasy setting, and it shows how grief can consume a person. Jace is not a bad person, but he might end up going beyond what his job tells him to due, as he wants revenge for his daughter. I cannot wait to see how much he develops, or how he changes, throughout the rest of the series.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Touch Online Review

Touch Online Game Review

Touch Online is a free worldwide rhythm game where you and your friends can come to a room together and dance to a variety of songs. There are different modes, including normal which is simply pressing the arrow keys for the right notes, to bubble, where you have to press the right notes and then press the spacebar at a specific time in order to get credit for the accurate beats.

The reason why I love this game is because it works on both high end and low end computers, and even in certain browsers. Also, it has a large variety from songs, although most of them are from new Kpop groups. The community in the game can be  a bit toxic at times, especially through creepy guys and girls because of the marriage system, but this is easily overlooked. Rooms can even be locked so only you and your selected friends can play, just in case someone is repeatedly harassing another player.

Although it is worldwide, most players do speak a little bit of English if not speaking it fluently, and it is very possible to make quite a few good friends. I play this game as often as I can, which is about 1-2 times per week, and I always seem to have a friend popping into my room to say hello. Although the game has been out for a few years, it is by no means dead, and it is one of the best free multiplayer rhythm games for PC right now. To me, it is the best multiplayer rhythm game on both PC and mobile, simply because of the variety of songs.

I would recommend this game to a person who enjoys rhythm games to play on the high levels, or for a person like me who is an amateur and simply enjoys to listen to Kpop music while playing a game with friends. There is something for everyone in this game, and I suggest that you check it out.

Overall Rating: 6/5