September Hiatus!

Hi everyone! I am sorry for not posting much lately, but I am honestly feeling a little bit burnt out. College is about to start up again, and I am finding myself wanting to stream games a bit more than read lately due to that. I am going to take September to relax and get back into the swing of things, and then I will come back to this blog! I have a few tours that are going to go up, but that will be all for the majority of the month. Expect a nice comeback in October with a lot of regularly scheduled posts of new books that I am interested in! If you want to support my stream, check my Twitter @brisbooknook. There, I will announce my streams beforehand. Thanks for all the support!

About Alex(BriennaiJ)https://brisbooknook.wordpress.comBook, game, movie, TV, and webcomic reviewer

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