Rambling About Iron Man 3 With Spoilers

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This movie was probably my favorite Iron Man movie out of the ones that I have seen so far. It manages to balance Tony Stark’s emotional vulnerability with his super-hero stoic qualities. After Tony Stark almost died in The Avengers, he has been having panic attacks. He has turned from a man who was completely overconfident in himself into a man who sits in his basement all day creating suit after suit for himself. He is scared to be without his suit, but Pepper is worried that Tony is making too many suits that he may not be able to control. Then Stark’s house is attacked, Tony crash lands in another part of the US without his suit or any money to help him, and he has to rely on a young boy named Harley to help him to defeat Mandarin.

I liked Tony Stark but I didn’t really feel any sort of connection with that character until this film. Marvel couldn’t have made him any more personable than they did here. He is still arrogant, but his brain is forcing him to slow down and reach out to the people around him. He has to rely on Pepper to get him out of sticky situations as he can no longer rely on himself. The discussion of mental illness and mental health was an important one that the Marvel franchise had never truly had in their MCU films before this one. Iron Man had been through a lot, so the human man in the suit Tony Stark also has to deal with the mental reprecussions of those events. They didn’t make fun of Tony Stark for having panic attacks or having PTSD, they treated those illnesses like the serious issues that they are. Even Marvel knew when to be serious and when to joke around in this film. It was nice to see.

I thought that Peter Parker was the first time that Tony Stark had taken on the role as a father figure, but he does that with Harley in this movie. Alright, Tony sucks as a “father figure” in this movie. When he isn’t making Harley feel like crap he is putting the kid into extremely dangerous situations. BUT, he does redeem himself in the end by giving Harley such a cool lab at the end. I hope that Harley shows up in future films, but I don’t know if he will.

The main thing that I disliked in this movie was the idea of the different suits going rogue. It just doesn’t look that cool in my opinion to just have a bunch of suits flying around as a part of the final battle. And for the final Iron Man movie, it just seeemed……meh. A bit lackluster. But I think that the overall film made up for this meh last battle. And I definitely liked that Pepper came in to help save the day, she was no longer the damsel in distress that she had been in the first two films! Definitely a welcome change.

I would recommend this film to anyone looking for a new action-adventure movie to watch.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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3 thoughts on “Rambling About Iron Man 3 With Spoilers

  1. I agree. This is the movie where they humanised Tony Stark. What an idea. That would be awesome if Harley comes back into the MCU as some kind of super inventor.


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