A Torch In His Heart Review

A Torch in His Heart (The Wanderer #1)
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Helle never believed in reincarnation until she met Jason. For some reason, her heart remembers Jason. He claims that they were lovers in a past life thousands of years ago and that he has been searching for her in every single one of his lives since then. This life was the first one since their original life that he was successful in finding her. They have such deep chemistry with one another that Helle believes that Jason could be telling the truth. When he shows her his powers, she believes him even more. But then Jason explains to her that someone else has been looking for her for thousands of years as well and has managed to find her at the same time.

Sam Woolf is Helle’s boss. She wanted the job originally because it paid well, and she knew she had the chance to start her career. Then, Woolf starts to make her uncomfortable. Whenever Helle looks into his eyes, shivers run down her spine. She forgets how to think, and can’t seem to say no to him, no matter how hard she tries. When Jason says that he is the one coming after her, everything begins to make sense. But there is only one person that Woolf has hated in all his lives, and that was the Wanderer Jason. Now, he has the chance to get rid of the Wanderer once and for all, and to take Helle back to be his own.

I loved how this story seamlessly flowed between Jason and Helle’s past and current lives together. As you read along, you learn more and more about their life thousands of years ago. Reincarnation is such an interesting topic, and this book shows how this theme can work very well in a romance novel. They were younger in their past lives, but they were just as madly in love. Jason remembers all his past lives, including the ones spent alone without Helle. Helle only remembers bits and pieces from her life thousands of years ago, but she doesn’t seem to remember any lives before that. As Jason explains the lives to Helle, Helle has dreams every night that can be read where the previous life is shown. That is something that Belfrage does excellently, even though a character may “tell” another character something, that same event is also “shown” in a dream sequence. There were no long montages of Jason rambling about past lives, everything was also vibrantly shown through Helle’s fragmented dreams.

The only thing that I truly didn’t like in this story was when Helle’s friend Alison was hurt. She goes to discuss it with Helle, and Helle’s response was “You’ll get over it.” They were having an argument at the time, so I can understand why Helle might be a bit upset. But telling your friend who is clearly suffering that she will “get over it” is not the best of advice. This scene was quickly over, but it is just one example of how Helle can be a bit blunt and even cruel at times to people who do care about her in the grand scheme of things. I did like that Helle wasn’t perfect, but this is an awfully cruel flaw to have.

Other than that short scene, the book was amazing overall. This is a steamy romance, but I liked that the characters weren’t just blindly having sex. They truly cared for one another, and this was just how they showed their love for one another. It made them feel more like true lovers than most “true loves” in romance novels. This again tied into the well-thought-out plot of reincarnation.

Overall, this was a lovely novel. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new adult fantasy romance book to indulge in.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 books


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