Rambling About Marvel’s The Avengers With Spoilers! (2012)

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It’s interesting that I am just getting to watching this movie now! I have actually seen the entire first season of Agents of SHIELD, and part of the second season of that show (if not all of it) in 2013 and 2014. That show had to do specifically with the aftermath of the events of this first Avengers film. Therefore, I knew about what had happened in this movie and about what happened after the movie before I saw the movie! But I finally watched it, and I have to say, it wasn’t my favorite?

For starters, Hulk. After realizing that this was the first Hulk appearance after his 2008 film, it was very easy to judge the choices made with his character. Hulk grew on me in future movies, but this was so different from the original Hulk. The original Hulk was far more in control. He had a personality. Now, Bruce Banner has personality, but Hulk only seems to know how to destroy. Hulk was able to originally recognize Betty in 2008, but now Bruce can’t recognize anyone after the change. The breathing and meditation techniques that Hulk had learned in the first film also seem to have been thrown out of the window in this installment! It was like a brand new character was just thrown into this film, even though Hulk 1 is still technically a part of the MCU. At least when the Rhodey actor change occurred Rhodey kept most of his original personality. This seems to be a completely different Hulk.

One thing that I did enjoy was including the scientist from Thor. I didn’t know why he was even in Thor, but now I see that he was one of the top working scientists at the time. It makes Jane seem even smarter for being able to get his help for her project. Even Loki knew that he could be useful and took him. We also finally get properly introduced to Clint, well semi-properly as he is also taken by Loki. But at least we get to see how powerful he is! Last movie he was just standing in a giant basket during a 5-minute fight and then didn’t even end up getting to shoot anything. I want to know even more about his character.

Stark finally has to work with a real team in this film. He is used to just going off by himself and doing whatever he wants to do, but these tactics won’t work in this case. They have to come together and use the knowledge from the whole team in order to defeat Loki and his army. Just when the team is about to fall apart, Coulson dies. Those who haven’t seen Agents of SHIELD might not know Coulson, but Coulson’s death is so tragic to me as a person who loved that show! But his death was not in vain, as that was what the Avengers needed to truly become a team. Then, they were finally able to work together to defeat Loki!

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this film in comparison with other films? Yes, it was a good film, but I just didn’t connect with it as much as I connected with the individual films. I loved Infinity War and Endgame as well, so this original creation of the team seems small in the grand scheme of things. But this was how the Avengers started to work together even though some, like Thor, weren’t even from Earth. The team was finally created, and Earth finally had a proper group of defenders. Which is good, because they are going to need them.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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