Rambling About Captain America The First Avenger With Spoilers (2011)

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So, I didn’t know much about Captain America before watching this film. I was shocked to say the least, but it actually really made me respect Steve Rogers for the man that he was even more.

Steve Rogers was a weakling with a lot of different health problems, but he was very patriotic. He knew that he wanted to fight for his country no matter what, and when he was given the chance to fight for his country with the super-soldier experiment, he takes it. Even when the experiment was extremely painful, he still wanted to take it because he knew that he would be helping America. To think that a guy in his late teens to early twenties would already be this dedicated to his country is crazy! He was so resilient and determined that he would let no one get in his way of doing his part. He hated watching war clips before films because people would always be rude, wondering why the clips had to be shown for so long. Steve knew who and what he was fighting for. He was even willing to sacrifice himself by falling on a grenade and taking the explosion to save his fellow soldiers, as he viewed himself as being expendable before the experiment.

Then after the experiment, he was extremely strong. Right after receiving these rays, a man murders one of the scientists. Steve chases the man, and this shows off his true powers. My favorite part about this scene was when the man threw the kid into the water and Steve was about to jump in to save the kid, but then the kid could swim and told Steve to catch the murderer. The murderer is captured but kills himself so he won’t reveal any information, and the super-soldier formula is permanently lost. No one would be able to create anyone else like Captain America.

Then comes the dumb part of the movie. If you have literally created this super-soldier that you know you can never create again, why would you want to keep him in hiding and use him for fake plays? Why not just use a real bodybuilder and use your supersoldier on the battlefield? No one knows how long Rogers will survive after the experiment, so the government should have been using him as much as possible for as long as they had him to win the war. But no, he turns into “Captain America” who does dumb comedy skits and films to make American citizens more patriotic. It’s honestly ridiculous and so unrealistic.

After that, Steve gets back into the action and things go back to the way that they should be. He goes to save his friend Bucky whose unit was reported as Missing In Action and leads them in a battle against the Red Skull and other Hydra bases. This movie has a lot of war action scenes, but they are all done very well. I felt like I was really seeing scenes from WWII. No bright colors on the battlefield, everything was dull, which made Red Skull’s ugly face really stand out in the midst of it all. His face and Steve’s blue uniform.

When I started this film, I didn’t realize that Red Skull was the one on the mountain in Infinity War. I thought it was just an ugly skeleton that had been there for thousands of years. In this movie, you see exactly how Red Skull came to be on the mountain. In his fight with Captain America, he grabs the Tesseract. It beams him into space, and then the Tesseract is burned through the plane. So that means that Red Skull had actually only been on the mountain of this planet for around 60-70 years at the start of Infinity War and that he is around the same age as Bucky and Steve. The only difference is that he is basically a red skeleton at this point, whereas Bucky and Steve have just stopped aging.

Steve lands his plane into the Arctic so that the weapons on board aren’t detonated, which would kill many people. It was sad watching Agent Carter talk to him through transmissions, as he basically says goodbye to the love of his life. I wish that she had been a part of some sort of immortal experiment as well so that she would be able to stay with Steve! It’s so weird that Steve has some sort of relationship with her grand-niece…..immortal Agent Carter would have been better.

Overall, this wasn’t my favorite Marvel film in the MCU, but it did have an interesting plot! I respect Steve Rogers/Captain America so much more after seeing his backstory, and I hope that the next Captain America movies really teach me more about him.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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