Rambling About Thor With Spoilers! (2011)

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To be honest, I don’t remember hearing about this movie when it came out? But then again, I wasn’t watching much TV back in 2011 and none of my friends were going to see it, so that could have been a very good reason why. The Thor movie that I did hear a bit about was The Dark World or Thor 2, and I heard about it because I was playing Super Hero Squad Online or Hero up. Ah, the good old days. I messed around with my friends and explored every inch of virtual Asgard, but I never watched the films. I got to know the heroes as their virtual characters and not as their full stories, which I think affected my view of this movie a bit. I was used to seeing Thor as an all-powerful hero, but in this movie, he really isn’t.

Thor is like a teenager going through a phase where he thinks that he is smarter than his parents. He is supposed to be like in Asgardian 20s, but my God he’s pretty dumb. I started the movie hoping to see a massive god-hero who knows all and is fighting for his land. I ended the film feeling like I had watched a teen grow up into some kind of an adult, mid-teen rebellious phase and all. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it wasn’t the Thor that I originally expected. I know he grows as the film series goes on, but this was definitely a different start.

Literally, he starts a war for his people. Completely unnecessarily too! He had no reason to go to the Frost Giant’s land after his father told him to leave it alone, but he goes there. Apparently, he takes it as a personal offense that the Frost Giants tried to take the Casket during his coronation/ascension to the throne. He would have died if it wasn’t for his father, and saving him did not stop the war from being started. Then, when his dad banishes him, he has the audacity to be upset that he’s being punished! Like, none of this would have even happened if it wasn’t for you being impatient about your coronation. You have your whole life ahead of you to rule, but you are so upset that it is being put off a few days that you decide to go murder some Frost Giants and start a war. This makes no sense to me.

Then, the evil Loki plot truly kicks in. To be honest, I have gotten pretty far into the MCU series. I’ve even seen the second Thor film now! But I don’t know wtf Loki is trying to do. Like, ok, you are an illegitimate son. Actually, you were never Odin’s son. But he literally saved your life and raised you as a prince, like, there are worse ways to be “saved” dude. But he’s just jealous because he can’t be king. This movie doesn’t even show why he would want to be king. He’s just evil to be evil because he’s a Frost Giant disguised as a human.

That leads me to the next point, why are Thor and Loki even fighting to be king so much? King comes with a lot of responsibilities, Thor and Loki get to hang out with their friends in a castle all day. They have access to go anywhere in the Nine Realms through the magic rainbow warp system, and they have fun sparring with each other. Why be king and taken on responsibility when you already have this amazing life?

Then, there is the side story of the scientists on Earth, Jane, Darcy, and Erik Selvig. Jane was one of my favorite characters in this movie. She was serious about her work and wouldn’t even let the government, aka SHIELD, get in the way of her findings. Thor landing on Earth just gave her a person willing to help her get her stuff back, as he wanted to get his hammer. Of course, there was some romance, but it wasn’t that bad. I liked that they fit each other, both stubborn to the slight point of stupidity sometimes.

I also liked how the movie ended. Loki isn’t dead, which is shown in the post-credits scene, but it did give the audience and Thor some semblance of closure when he fell off the rainbow bridge. I still don’t really get what he was going for, but it’s fine. Hopefully, Thor and Loki will sit and have a heart-to-heart in Thor 3 and I can figure out exactly what I missed.

I would recommend this film to anyone looking for a new action-adventure superhero movie.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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