My Convenient Marriage ARC Review (Sweet Bay Brides #1)

How far would she go to become a mother?
Declan Chambers is a hard-nosed businessman with no time for love, marriage, or children. But when he discovers he has a daughter who’s being raised in an abusive home, he decides to fight for custody, even though he knows nothing about kids, especially shy, little girls who refuse to talk to men. 

Daycare teacher Abby is drawn to Callie, the new student who was taken away from the only parent she knows.  She doesn’t trust men any more than Callie does, but she feels compelled to help the man who’s struggling with instant fatherhood and protect the child who stole her heart. 

But can she protect her own heart when a marriage of convenience promises her the one thing she wants more than anything? 

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I’ve read a few novels with fake relationships or fake marriages, but never one told in this way. Abby and Declan had chemistry from the moment that they set eyes on one another, but they didn’t jump right into the “convenient” marriage part. They each had their own jobs, and they weren’t going to drop everything for feelings. They both had their own failures with love, so why would they risk everything to try again?

Declan was mess. He was a perfect businessman, but he didn’t know how to be close to people. He hadn’t had a successful relationship in a long time, so when he was told that he had a child, he knew that it could only be from one person. Declan could not take care of Callie on his own. I’m not even going to say that he tried his best, he did something, but Callie must have gone thorugh an awful first night experience when she was dropped off with Declan. Declan couldn’t even keep his temper under control and ended up yelling at Callie, an already abused child. Thank goodness Abby came into the picture on only the second day! Without her, Callie would have never survived living with Declan.

Abby was such a great female character. She knew that she wanted a child, and she didn’t even want to be married to have one. Working at the daycare was a dream job for her, and Callie instantly clung to her. Abby knew that she wanted to get closer to this broken child, and Declan gave her the opportunity to. He needed someone to help him raise this child, and she was more than willing to do that. Then he needs to fight for this little girl’s safety, and Abby is more than willing to do this.

My least favorite part of the book was probably the scenes at the beginning where Declan couldn’t take care of Callie. This wasn’t all of his fault, as wasn’t given enough information on Callie’s history. Not even her medical history! But it was definitely cringy, and I was just hoping that Callie would be saved soon. And then Callie was, and I was super happy again.

My favorite parts of the book were all of the cute family scenes that Cassie, Abby, and Declan have as they are bonding. I found myself reading and rereading those because of how adorable they were. I will definitely be rereading this book just because of how cute it was overall. The family-oriented style was a good look for this book.

Overall, this book was amazing, and I am definitely going to continue reading this series.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a sweet family-oriented romance novel.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 books


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