Fanfiction Fridays: BTS Threadfics Edition

Alright so I love BTS fanfiction still, nothing new, but threadfics are a new type of fanfiction that I have been reading lately. Rather than the story being posted on or Archive of Our Own, the fanfiction is posted on Twitter and told in a series of tweets. Some of these stories are “what if the members of BTS used social media” but a lot actually take the members of BTS and put them into a completely different universe. Here are a few of my favorites, I will do another post next Friday with some more!

Yoonmin Gamer AU @MisterMaia

I wasn’t planning on putting this AU on the list, I didn’t even know that it existed until I started to go through her list of threadfics and pick out my favorite ones. This one is short, and it adhered to the old twitter character limit so it is a bit more choppy, but it is a really sweet Yoongi/Jimin fanfic. No one is famous in this story, they are all just people who like playing a specific MMORPG. I wish that the author, MisterMaia, kept writing threadfics. She is inactive now, focusing on her health instead, and keeps the account up as an archive. Look at the thread of the second tweet to see links to all of her fanfics and threadfics!

By the way, AU = Alternate Universe. These will be all Alternate Universe stories!

Fae Royalty YoonMin AU @subminjiminie

I love this moodboard, it is so beautiful! And it really fits this AU. This threadfic even has a sequel which is just as good. I always love a story where they take the members of a group of characters of a book and do the “light vs. dark” theme. This is written in the new Twitter format, so it reads almost like a book with small paragraphs instead of short sentences.

Yoonmin Single Father Loan Shark @MisterMaia

Even though the story takes place in a strip club, it is pretty clean for the most part. Nothing explicit. Instead, it focuses on Jimin being saved from the lowest point of his life by a handsome stranger. The stranger never even spoke to him, until he was being attacked. All of MisterMaia’s stories are so great, but these are two that I ended up reading as I was trying to create this post.

YoonMin Toy AU @Centristy

Again with the adorable moodboards! This one also has a Taekook version, but I prefer the Yoonmin one personally. Yoongi is a toy who used to be a man, and Jimin is his loving owner. Even though Jimin is an orphan, Yoongi was always his friend. Jimin kept him in perfect condition, and Yoongi started to learn to enjoy being a toy. Until he wasn’t a toy anymore.

Yoonkook Rapper/Youtuber Au @ynmkook

I don’t read many YoonKook stories, simply because I rarely see ones that interest me. But this one drew me in several months ago, and I loved every minute of it. This is an example of one of the social media AU’s, but the characters are still not members of BTS. Would definitely recommend!

Hotter Than Hell @kinkmins

If you can’t already tell, this one has more adult content than the other threadfics. It is also a mixture between a texting threadfic, regular threadfic, and a screenshot threadfic. Sometimes when characters talk face-to-face, the author will write the story in paragraph style and post screenshots for readers to be able to read more at one time. This is also one of the longer threadfics on the list, but I definitely enjoyed it from beginning to end. If you like adult A/B/O (Alpha/Beta/Omega) fanfiction, then this is for you.

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