Rambling about Spiderman Homecoming (With Spoilers!)

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I loved this movie! Even though I haven’t seen any other Spiderman films in full, I already know that Tom Holland will probably be my favorite Spiderman. He’s awkward, he’s hilarious, he’s your neighborhood guy, but he just happens to be Spiderman. It’s just a perfect combination, and Tom Holland acts this way all the time. Sometimes I wonder if he even had to try for certain scenes, or if he was just being himself. He might not completely look like a scrawny fifteen-year-old though, he is muscular, but he looks short on the screen so it does make him look younger.

I am praying that Michelle is MJ! I had heard that she wasn’t the love interest in this film because I watched it so late, but Liz was still a brown girl so I am happy. I only wish that they had actually been able to finish their date for homecoming. She was so nice, she actually seemed to like Peter as a person even though he was around 2 years younger than her. But he had to be the hero, and that was the end of that. If Michelle ends up being MJ/Mary Jane in the next movie, my dreams will come true. I ship Zendaya and Tom so much, and I ship Peter and Michelle so much. Their personalities are so opposite but are similar in certain ways. MJ is smart as she is in Peter’s advanced high school and helped the team to win the decathlon in the film. But, she isn’t as friendly as Peter. She isn’t bullied, at least not in the movie, but she doesn’t have many friends. She only seems to interact with Peter and Ned. Peter is super friendly and super smart, but his friendliness is a bit of a weakness for him. He’s a bit naive, which MJ is not. Opposites attract, and MJ is definitely the opposite of Peter.

Let’s move on from the romance to the action. Toomes has to be one of my absolute favorite Marvel villains. He actually had a rather relatable reason to become a villain! He was supposed to be cleaning up the fallout from the Battle of New York and getting money from the scrap metal/Alien parts, but then the Avengers and the government took over the cleanup. This caused him to lose all of the money he had used to hire the workers and rent or buy the tools, and bankrupted his company. He didn’t want to steal the alien parts just to kill people or take over the world, he just wanted to get money for himself, his family, and his employees. Why would the Avengers get paid to clean up the mess that they made while destroying New York in the attack? Toomes would not have become a villain if he had made his cash from cleaning up and selling the scrap metal/other artifacts found in the rubble. The Avengers basically indirectly created this villain. I haven’t seen the movie with the Battle of New York, but did the Avengers even pay anything to support those whose homes had indirectly been damaged during the attack or those out of a job because of the loss of a workplace? This villain made me really think about the superhero dynamic in general.

I can’t end my review before talking about the dynamic between Tony Stark and Peter. I feel that one of Marvel’s best decisions ever was making them have a father/son dynamic. Peter was looking for someone superhero-like to look up to, and Tony finally had someone to make him responsible. He couldn’t be the billionaire superhero who constantly just did whatever he wanted, he had a kid to look after now! Every time he tried to make sure that Peter was safe, Peter would be a typical teen. He was a real kid! He wasn’t a bad kid, he was a typical “nerd,” but he made mistakes by doing what he thought was right rather than asking the adults in the room sometimes. I feel that Happy was a bad babysitter for Peter though. Most of the conflict in the film could have completely been avoided if Happy took Peter seriously. Like, if Peter was mostly texting Happy about boring stuff, and never lied and said that he was doing anything serious, why would Happy not take him seriously when he was clearly NOT LYING about doing something serious? Honestly, that didn’t make sense to me. But it was the only part of the movie that I legitimately disliked.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has the time to watch it! I can’t wait for the next one to come out this summer, I will definitely be seeing it in theaters.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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