Rescued by the Wolf Review (Blood Moon Brotherhood #2)

Rescued by the wolf.jpgMal wants one thing in life—vengeance against those

that deserted him and those who tortured him. But rescuing a wounded girl from their captors, one that wreaks of innocence and fear, makes Mal put his plan on hold. Temporarily. He’ll do what he needs to keep her alive and safe, even if it changes both of their lives forever.

Being stabbed and held in a dark cell wasn’t on Olivia’s top ten list. Her savior isn’t exactly hero material. Angry, scarred, and pissed at the world, he seems to resent being saddled with her. But the longer they’re together, the more firmly a connection forms between them. A connection that binds her to him, his pack, and his world. But that connection may just lead to her death.

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This book started off REALLY awkwardly. You are just thrown into a situation where Mal, a werewolf, is being tortured, and then a random girl is in the picture. She doesn’t seem to be in her right mind half the time. Sometimes she wants to be near Mal, sometimes she doesn’t, sometimes she thinks that this is all just a big dream, and Mal has to try to take care of her and get the both of them out of some sort of dungeon. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t really into it. THEN, once they finally got past the escaping from the dungeon part, I really got into the story.

Mal is good at protecting Olivia. He wants to take care of her, but he has also been weakened from the months of torture. His Alpha hasn’t come to get him, so he feels abandoned as well. Before Olivia arrived, he had given up. He wouldn’t betray his pack, but he doesn’t think that he will be saved. Then, this human girl shows up. He wants to ignore her and focus on surviving for as long as possible, but his wolf won’t let him. He’s tired, he’s been tortured, but he still feels a connection to this girl. Olivia gives him hope and a will to escape.

I didn’t like Olivia at the start of the novel. She just seemed so boring. Her dialogue was also annoying, as she was trying to play that “mid-20s woman who hates that she’s a virgin” trope, but she was also coming onto Mal REALLY strongly when she was delirious from fever. By the end of the book, I loved her character! I can’t say what made the change, as that would be a complete spoiler for anyone who actually wanted to read and enjoy the story. But trust me, she turns it around completely, and she and Mal end up being great for each other.

Once the two catch up with the rest of the pack, I am introduced to the other characters. Sometimes with these romance series, I like to see who I think will end up together in future novels. For this book, I couldn’t really do that, which was nice in a way. I liked being able to see all the other characters outside of pairings, but because most of the men seem to get their mates from outside the pack, this might just be something that will continue throughout the series.

I will definitely be continuing with this lovely romance trilogy. All the characters are so unique, and they have such intriguing backstories. If I stop now, I won’t be able to see what new girl is introduced next. I also hope to be able to go back and read the first book in the series, even though I technically spoiled some things for myself already. It’ll be worth it though, these books are definitely going into my permanent collection!

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a new wolf adult romance series.

I received an advance copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 books


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