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—Meet the Restitution League—
They’re thieves. They’re rogues. They’re well-armed for adventure.

The crew of the Restitution League fights injustice while wrestling with love and desire and the occasional throwing knife.

One blazing romance at a time…


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Thieves make the best rogues. And the worst heartbreakers.

Philomena Sweet, Victorian London’s finest safecracker, knows it better than most. The worst rogue of them all, dashing jewel thief Spencer Crane, smashed hers long ago.

And now he’s back, fleeing danger from their past. Danger he won’t survive without her help.

She’d love to refuse, but she can’t leave him for dead.

Spencer Crane would sooner steal costume jewelry than ask talented, wickedly bright Meena Sweet for help.

But revenge stalks them both. He needs her artistry. She needs his skills.

Neither needs the desire that sparks to life between them.

While they dodge criminals, carriages, and the occasional flying cabbage, who will protect these two notorious thieves from each other?



My Review

Meena, aka Philomena Sweet, is the best safecracker in all of London. When a man comes to her, desperate to retrieve the journal with all of his secrets, she knows that she will be able to pull it off. Little does she know that her old flame Spencer will get in the way of her perfect heist. She wants to help him get an old enemy off his back, but she might be betraying her client in the process. Not to mention the fact that every time he looks at her or touches her, sparks fly up and down her spine. Will she and Spencer be able to escape from Ramsay, and will they be able to escape from each other?

I love Victorian historical fiction novels, as they like to mix a bit of modern in with the history. Meena is definitely a modern character. Having the rather unusual upbringing that she did, she never fit the proper society description of a woman. She was too headstrong, and her line of work wasn’t exactly ladylike. She keeps convincing herself that she wants a normal yet interesting husband, but she isn’t normal enough to even know where to find those. Then, Spencer waltzes back into her life at the wrong time and sets her world on fire. How is she supposed to focus when he keeps turning up around her?

Spencer had forced himself to forget about Meena. Even though they had a relationship in the past, the past was the past. He was trying to be a good man, less of a thief. Then, Ramsay comes back into his life, threatening all he has. What is he supposed to do, fight him off? Ramsay has all of London wrapped around his finger. So he does what he knows best, his job. Then Meena comes back into his life, and he starts to see light again. All they have to do is defeat Ramsay, and they might just get the happy ending that they wanted.

These characters were some of the most unique that I had seen in a Victorian historical fiction novel, so I was definitely impressed. No rich girls born into money were written here! This was also a historical fiction novel of considerable length, which I appreciated even more. I hate nothing more than to read an extra short book and feel like saying “That’s it?” when I get to the end. None of that here! Even the e-version was long enough to feel satisfying.

Nevertheless, the length of this book had nothing to do with the pace the story moved at. There wasn’t a dull moment with these characters, I just felt myself flying through the story with ease. I only wish that there was a prequel to this little series so I could get to know the lives (and possibly the previous relationships) of Meena and Spencer before the events of this novel occurred.

I did not notice any grammar or formatting errors as I read the advance version of this novel. It fit very nicely on my large Kindle tablet and had none of those weird text wrapping issues that some ebooks have.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a new romantic mystery historical fiction novel set in the Victorian era.

I received an advance copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



SEDUCING THE SCIENTIST by Riley Cole – Releasing November 20


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A woman who disdains love collides with a man who lives for passion. Explosions ensue.

Ada Templeton believes in science. She believes in chemical reactions and experimentation and old-fashioned common sense. She’s far too clever to be seduced by a rake like Edison Sweet.

Con artist, liar, self-taught inventor, Edison Sweet, uses his hard won skills to help others. When he’s not saving unfortunates swindled by Victorian London’s criminal classes, he loves women. A great many woman.

Over Ada’s objections, Edison agrees to guard her latest invention from a mastermind willing to kill for it. He never expected to be intrigued by the lovely widow whose body he finds as exciting as her mind.

Their chemistry is impossible to ignore.

And impossible to trust.

Stalked by a brilliant killer, will they concoct a formula powerful enough to mend two broken hearts, or will love elude these two stubborn inventors?





Riley has a long fascination with all things Victorian. She loves the peculiar mix of science, mysticism and innovation that collided in the Victorian Era.

To say nothing of bustles. Bustles and elaborate hats and parasols. Parasols for rain. Parasols for sun. And parasols that morph into swords…of course.

Sadly, Riley has little use for umbrellas in the dry foothills of the Eastern Sierra, but she consoles herself with forest hikes and dips in cool mountain lakes. Besides—no matter where one resides—a proper cuppa never comes amiss.

If you enjoy a little high adventure—and a lot of desire—with your historical romance, delve into Riley’s version of late Victorian London.

Thieves, rogues, and love await…

For more information about Riley, please visit her website, “like” Riley on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. Sign up for Riley’s newsletter to be notified about upcoming releases. She’s loves hearing from her readers. Email her directly at

Riley’s Jack’s House releases include Rejecting the Rogue and Seducing the Scientist from the Restitution League Series.


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