Bookshelf Tour!

I have never seen shelves this neat before…I literally have two rows on each shelf of my shelf and then books stacked on top of THOSE books. Then I have two boxes filled with books, and books in boxes in my attic…I have a bit of a problem. I aspire to be this neat someday!

Hannah's Bookshelf šŸŒø


I love my bookshelves ā€“ they were the first piece of furniture that we bought for my room when I moved in at age 15. Floor to ceiling bookshelves were a must as my parents were finally fed up with my book collection taking over the whole house! As well as housing my huge collection of books, these bookshelves are a place for me to keep some special ornaments and even a few records. Plus, Iā€™m such a fan of room/house tours that I thought Iā€™d do one of my own that you guys might enjoy!


You can see an overview in the picture above (which was pretty hard to take, by the way, lots of fit into one picture!) and will probably notice that a large majority of my books have black covers ā€“ I was a huge paranormal romance fan thanks to the release of the Twilight

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