True Beauty Webtoon Review

True Beauty

Jugyeong is a college-aged girl who has created the “perfect look” for herself. Now people recognize her wherever she goes, and she has a famous Instagram account that is recognized even by Kpop stars! Secretly, she is just an average-looking girl who mastered the art of makeup at around 13 years old. No one knows when she was an unpopular girl, bullied by the “pretty” girls, and wishing that she was born pretty.

I love the fact that Jugyeong is secretly normal, and has “nerdy” hobbies. This is honestly the truth, a girl might look pretty on the outside but she that doesn’t mean she has to be an empty shell. So far in this comic, I am loving Jugyeong without her makeup because it allows her true personality to come out. She doesn’t have to be perfect, and she can enjoy what she wants.

One thing that I also appreciated is that this comic doesn’t go from Jugyeong not knowing anything about makeup to being a makeup professional. She had her experience with embarrassing makeup choices, and practiced over the break until she went to a new school and became the “pretty” girl.

To be honest, Jugyeong is not even harming herself in any way by putting on makeup. She didn’t starve herself to try to be “thin,” but instead used makeup as an artistic way to become the girl that she “dreamed” of being. She might have had to change her personality for her new friends, but she didn’t completely change herself. I hope more of these things are discussed later in the book, but there are only 5 episodes as of today. I wasn’t lucky enough to get to read the whole thing while it was still in “Discover” TnT

Hopefully, if she gets a boyfriend in this comic, the boyfriend will have a secret nerdy side and they can just chill together. I would hate for her to take her makeup off and then her boyfriend breaks up with her.

The one thing that confused me is the fact that the summary says she is in high school, but the first episode says that she is 21 years old. Then, the comic goes back to her high school years to talk about how she started with makeup. There aren’t really enough episodes to see what time the majority of the comic will be set in, but for now, I am going to say that she is college-age.

I would recommend this comic to anyone looking for a story of a girl who became “pretty” without starving herself or stripping herself o her personality. Very positive! Also fun for Kpop fans, as it references some pop culture and is set in Korea,

Overall Rating: 6 out of 5 stars


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