Acception Webtoon Review


I love Webtoons because their comics are so diverse. This one does not disappoint. Arcus is a boy who loves to wear bright colors and has rainbow hair. People at this new school in the Netherlands automatically choose him as a target, but they don’t know that he actually runs a really popular fashion blog that most of them follow. Arcus just wants to make new friends, and he runs into a girl named Maud who also doesn’t fit the fashion status quo with her dark hair, dark makeup, and dark clothes. He is determined to be her friend, even though she seems like she would rather have nothing to do with him.

What I like in this comic is that the author did not automatically make Arcus gay for lying to wear colorful and “different” clothes. It really emphasizes the fact that clothing does not have anything to do with sexuality.

Also, let me mention one thing. I am not actually completely sure if Arcus is a boy in this book. He has male “parts” as was proven in one bullying scene, and people usually refer to him as male throughout the book and there is no discussion of him being non-binary, but when the character descriptions were written at the start of the comic, his gender was just question marks. I think that at this point in the comic, he identifies as male, so I am referring to him as such, but that could be a plot twist that is spoken about later in the story. If I am wrong, I apologize, I’m just going by what I saw from what I read!

I also like the fact that there are other unique people in this story. Maud has a very interesting backstory, and that is really the only person I want to talk about at the moment for fear of spoiling something. This one is truly a gem.

I will do a full review of the comic, with spoilers, once it is finished, but for now, I will just advise you all to not pass this one up!

I would recommend this comic to anyone looking for a story about people learning their own identities in junior high school, with a lot of diverse characters.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 5 stars

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