The Roots of Us Book Review



The first time I saw Hudson Jameson, he was saving someone’s life.
The second time, he was ruining mine.

It was only supposed to be a vacation. A chance to let the Florida sun burn away the residue left behind from my failed relationships. I wasn’t searching for love. I was on a hiatus from men, especially ones with secrets.

Except Hudson had the gaze of a man drowning in his own miseries, and I was a sucker for the damaged souls. How could I deny him? How could I resist when his lips claimed mine?

I knew I couldn’t stay.
He told me he couldn’t bear to leave.

But some roots intertwine and refuse to let go, no matter how far you run.

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This romance novel discusses how people who have been hurt before by someone that they love, learn to love again. Both Hartley and Hudson had at least one of their parents leave them sometime in their childhood, and Hudson even had his brother leave him. They are reluctant to trust each other, but soon they start to warm up to each other and fall for each other. Then Hartley gets a dream job opportunity that will take her away from Hudson. In deciding to go, she breaks things off with Hudson. She wants things to be simple, but her feelings for Hudson run deeper than she originally realized.

This is a first love and second chance romance rolled up into one! Hartley was definitely an interesting character who didn’t believe in love and only short-term relationships. Eventually, she realizes that maybe Hudson was more than a simple three-month relationship. But when she is hundreds of miles away from Florida, she doesn’t know how she is going to find him again.

Hudson is also three-dimensional, with a complicated backstory and interesting hobbies. I loved the fact that he understood what Hartley was going through and tried to help her through it, even if she was technically in the wrong.

The one thing that I disliked was the ending. I felt that it had been a bit rushed, and was a bit disappointed. Hopefully, other readers won’t feel this way!

I would recommend this book to lovers of second chance romance or romance novels in general.

I received an advanced copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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