The Mermaid’s Journey ARC Review (The Siren #2)

The Mermaid's Journey: A Reverse Harem Romance (The Siren, #2)This second installment of The Siren series picks up where The Mermaid’s Escape left off. Coral, Liam, Jude, Gio, and Avery are back on the mainland. As Gio is on the mend in the hospital, the men are worrying about how they are going to get back to their normal lives after being alone on the island for so long. Coral doesn’t want their group to separate and thinks that their separation might lead to them wanting her to choose one of them, permanently. Also, life on the island was simple. Coral didn’t have to learn how to be “normal”. Now, she has been thrown into the real world, she has to learn tons of things that she has never even seen before, such as showers, refrigerators, or phones. When they all move into the apartment together, tensions build between the guys as they continue to compete for Coral’s love.

I loved this book even more than The Mermaid’s Escape. I honestly received this book around 7:30 a few nights ago, and I finished it around 9:30 that same night. This story will draw you in from the first word, and it won’t let you go until the very last.

Coral truly grows in this novel as she changes from a stranded mermaid to a woman who lives with humans in urban Earth. The men were able to teach her some things on the island, but they couldn’t teach her everything, and they definitely couldn’t teach her about modern technology. She also has to learn how to fit in in order not to attract attention to herself. These things may be difficult for her, but she wants to do what she can to make things easier for the guys.

Liam, Avery, Gio, and Jude put up with each other on the island because they had to in order to stay alive. Now that they are back on the mainland, they are starting to fall back into their old habits. Without the island keeping them together, the connection seems to be gone. They have to keep it together for Coral, but Coral worries that they will eventually get fed up with each other and just leave. In this book, Gio has the most growth, but I will not spoil anything. If your favorite character in the last book was Gio, you definitely have to read this one.

The pacing of this novel is perfect, and there is not a dull moment as Coral interacts with all 4 men. There wasn’t a single editing error that I saw, even though I got an advanced copy, which is definitely something that should be applauded. My only real complaint would be that it ends on a cliffhanger, which only makes me want to read the third book soon. Only a few more months to wait!

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves reverse harem or romance novel with three-dimensional characters, amazing storytelling, and creative world-building.

I received an advanced copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 6/5

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