Four Crimson Corners Review

Four Crimson Corners (Crimson Cove, #4)

Now that the girls know about Sierra’s kidnapper, they are trying to catch the person before they strike again. As more people die, the town’s attention is being attracted to the five girls. Everyone is trying to figure out who is tarnishing their town’s “pristine” reputation. When another one of the girls dies, the girls know that time is running out.

This book was most likely my least favorite book in the series, simply because it was told from the POV of Sage, my least favorite character. I always thought that she was too stubborn for her own good, and thought that she was the most spoiled out of all of the characters. The book didn’t do much to change my thoughts about her, and if anything it solidified my dislike for her. I thought that she might have som deep character development in this novel like the other girls did, but she really didn’t.

This book also seemed shorter than the other books, but maybe it was just the fact that the plot felt even faster than before. The action scenes just seem to intensify with each installment of this series, and I eat all of them up. The horror didn’t seem to be as prominent in this novel, but it wasn’t boring by any means.

I also really enjoyed the worldbuilding. Some of the most important events of this novel occurred on the roads of Crimson Grove, and so I was able to look into the town and see how it was shaped. This helped me to get past the fact that I disliked the narrator, and instead focus my attention on the story and the locations in which it was occurring.

I think it was important in this story to have a character that was disliked, but having a whole book in that character’s POV definitely allowed the readers to see the horrible thought processes of that person. This definitely built up to the last book of the series, where I finally get to see into Rita’s mind. I feel like Rita was never a full part of the group, and so I haven’t seen as much from her point of view as I did with the other girls. Having an entire book in her POV will definitely make things more interesting, almost from the view of an outsider.

I would recommend this series to anyone looking for a new mystery/thriller/horror series to get into.

I received a free copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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