First Impression Friday – Goliath

First Impression Fridays are a weekly meme hosted by J.W. Martin. This week, I will be discussing my first impression of Goliath, or the third book in the Leviathan trilogy.

I have read the first two books in this trilogy. The first book was the best in my opinion, and the last book was actually rather forgettable for me. I want to finish off the trilogy, and I just have to get through this one.

Goliath (Leviathan, #3)I knew of this author before getting into this book because I had DNFed the Uglies series and recently gotten into the Leviathan trilogy. I liked the first two books of the Leviathan trilogy enough, and I had been looking forward to finishing it and actually being successful at finishing a series that I had started!

Then I saw the book. I personally think that this is the worst cover of the Leviathan trilogy. I didn’t really like any of the covers, but this one just seemed worse.

Now I am about halfway through the book, and I am about all the way done with it. Deryn, the girl who pretended to be a boy to get into the military, has fallen in love with Alek, the Clanker prince. I didn’t want her to fall in love at all, and I thought that romance wouldn’t be touched upon in this series. I wanted her to simply stay a soldier. But as in all YA books with a teen girl, the girl has to have some reason to fall in love with the boy.

Also, the action scenes are very lackluster. I have been confused throughout almost the entire book, but I just keep trekking forward to finish it.

I think this book will stand between 1 and 2 stars for me. I simply just cannot get into it, and I don’t think that I will ever be able to. However, I am determined to finish it, hopefully tonight, so that I can say that I actually finished the entire trilogy. I am also going to be wary of more Westerfeld’s books, as I’ve struggled with every work of his that I have ever read.

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