Love’s Hope Review (Ready for Love #2)

Love's Hope (Ready for Love Book 2) by [Dixon, Ja'Nese]

Sandra is satisfied with taking it slow and continuing to look for someone to start a family with. However, her sister is having a shotgun wedding, and the stress starting to affect her health. She even envies her to some extent, because at least she has a husband and children. She decides to try out the Love Never Fails retreat, in order to recharge herself.

This book in the Ready for Love trilogy really focuses on the faith aspect of love. Sandra really needed to learn how to accept herself before she could love anyone else. This retreat is a group of Christian women who come together to recharge themselves and regain their faith, which is really lovely. There should be more of these things in real life, for women to be able to support each other.

This story was also short, but it was definitely longer than Caramel Surprise. I would recommend this to someone looking for a sweet, clean romance novel that might take two to three hours to finish, about reclaiming and recharging one’s self in order to accept love.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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