Somewhere Bound Blog Tour Plus Review!

Title: Somewhere Bound
Author: Fiona Keane
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Cover Designer: Deranged Doctor Design
Publication Date: Feb. 27th, 2018
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My Review of Book 3
Sophia and Jameson escape Florida to be free of Simon. They are making up their plans along the way, but they keep getting impeded by trackers and other issues. Simon seems determined to finish off Jameson, but Jameson is equally determined not to leave Sophia. He wants to marry her, if they ever get out of this situation. Sophia is devoted to him, but she is struggling to escape the memories of her past. Jameson wants her to have closure before they move on to the rest of their life.
I felt that the way this trilogy ended is perfect. I finally got to experience Sophia and Jameson getting to their final stage of their relationship where they trust each other with everything. I love the fact that I have been here for the ride since the beginning, so I feel as if I have seen each character’s growth. It also felt special to see them gain closure over their pasts, somewhat, and move into their futures.

Sophia has grown from a girl who was incapacitated by her panic attacks into a girl who has control over her past and herself. Jameson has grown from a boy who constantly ran from his past, into forgiving himself while opening his hear to another. I was so proud of the both of them by the end of this story.

I would recommend this trilogy to anyone looking for a YA mystery-suspense-romance novel with characters who actually grow and learn from each other.
I received this book for free and this is my voluntary review.
Overall Rating: 5/5
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I’ve only ever been Sophia Reid, the quiet girl from—and going—nowhere. If I ever want to escape the torment of my memories, and the murderer in our shadow, I need to die.
Jameson told me his story started and ended with me. Now I need to figure out who I am, who we are, and lay to rest the mysteries of our past, so our story can begin.
I belong by Sophia’s side. If we ever get out of this nightmare, I’ll make her my wife, and I’ll give her everything she needs to make her happy.
But right now, nowhere is safe. We left Florida, driving through deserts, across mountains, heading to Sophia’s old home in Oregon. Hopefully there, she’ll find peace…and answers.
I’ve spent my life trying to outrun death. But now, death may be the only thing that can save us.

Fueled by coffee and rainy days, shelves of books consuming her home in the Pacific Northwest, and a vivid imagination, Fiona writes about love because she believes the world needs more of it. She could spend eternity lost in a story, taken into someone’s thoughts while she is left lingering there long after the pages have turned. Fiona works to meld themes in the current world and spin them into stories of longing, determination, and hope. Her characters are relatable and relevant, as they battle their own fictional version of existence.Author Links:

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