The Boy Next Door Review

The Boy Next Door by [Ho, Jo]

Kim has been torn from her boyfriend Chris and her friends to live in Austin Illinois due to her father getting into an accident and being fired from his previous job. She goes from a life of luxury to living in a rough neighborhood with a family struggling to make ends meet. To top it all off, the girls in her neighborhood know that she comes from a rich neighborhood and don’t want to spend time with her. She feels completely isolated until she meets a strange girl in town who actually talks to her, and she starts to talk to the boy next door who is the same age as her little brother. Now, she has to worry about someone other than herself and her family.

To be honest, when I downloaded this book I did not look at a synopsis. I looked at the cover and the title, and I thought it would be a romance novel. Instead, I was thrown on a wild ride full of twists, turns, and mystery.

I loved the fact that Kim never seemed to act like a spoiled brat. She never became upset  with her family for having to move, but instead focused on stepping up and making the best of things. She may have missed her friends, but she knew that it was not her parents’ fault that they had to move. She makes new friends and even notices others in need rather than wallowing in her own sorrow.

Although this book was a short read, I loved every minute of it, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a short and sweet mystery novel.

I received this book for free through Instafreebie in exchange for my honest review.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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