Moon Called Review (Mercy Thompson #1)

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, #1)

Mercedes Thompson is a Volkswagen mechanic and a walker. This means that she can transform into a coyote at will, and this has led her to work with many other people in the magical world. One of her neighbors is a werewolf and the head of a pack, and his name is Adam. When a strange young werewolf comes to her shop asking for work, she wants to help him. However, secrets start to surround this young boy, and people are trying to take him away. When her neighbor Adam is attacked, Mercy knows that she will have to team up with werewolves in a nearby area to try and solve the mystery.

I read this book in two nights exactly, and it was nothing like I thought it would be. It was labeled as Paranormal Romance, and I thought from the cover that it was going to be a very smutty book. Instead, it was a very fleshed out fantasy novel, with very few mentions of a romance, and no smutty scenes at all (at least not in this book of the series).

I loved Mercy so much, as she was a truly strong female main character. I did not even know that I was reading a Paranormal Romance novel because the focus was on Mercy and her story/growth. She never raved about any guy and messed up her mission because of it, and she never let a guy distract her from her goal. Instead, she herself was strong, and the guys looked at her because of that.

I felt that this book was shorter than I thought it would be, and I hope to be able to reread it soon. However, my biggest issue is that the next book in the series is only in audiobook form in my digital library, and I do not have time to listen to an audiobook. Therefore, it might be awhile before I continue with this series. Nevertheless, I loved this book, and hope to be able to go on to the next one soon!

Overall Rating: 5/5

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