Kiss of Frost Review (Sirens and Scales Collection)

Ivy sees an intruder trying to break into her family’s antique shop, and ends up meeting Kay, a teenage girl who must retrieve a necklace in order to save her kidnapped mother and sister. Ivy, a witch, is determined to help her, but she never thinks that she will release a frost dragon who has been captured for years inside a locket. She definitely does not know that this frost dragon will proclaim to be her mate, and ask her for help in releasing his siblings.

I have to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to the dragon stories in this box set. I am so connected to mermaids that I thought the dragon stories would simply just not live up to my expectations. This story proved me completely wrong.

I loved the plot of Ivy, the witch, and Beck, the frost dragon. Sure, it was insta-love, but that is how most mating stories go. I loved them as a couple.

My only complaint about this story was that with the romance, I felt that I lost a tiny bit of the plot. To me, Kay seemed to fade out of the picture a bit more than I would have liked. The story also ended on a cliffhanger, but it didn’t cut off entirely and confuse me. It also had a separate plot with Beck looking for his siblings that sort of replaced the Kay plot, so I was fine with the change. I only wish the story had been a little longer.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Books in this set that I like out of books that I have read: 2.5/4

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