The Mermaid’s Escape Review (Sirens and Scales Collection)

mermaid's escape

The Mermaid’s Escape is the first story in the Sirens and Scales box set that was released on January 2nd.

Coral is a princess of her grandfather’s kingdom. Her parents have passed away, and she is meant to marry her friend Kai. She wants to look forward to her marriage, but she knows that Kai will never love her because he is in love with her best friend Meribel. On her wedding day, she runs away to the surface, scared of spending the rest of her life chained to someone who she doesn’t love. She doesn’t know when she is going to return to the water, but she knows that she can only survive out of the water for 5 days. When a ship crashes, she saves 4 men from the ship. While they try to survive on the island, she decides to help them, and she finds herself falling for all four of them just like her mother fell for a human many years ago.

This was officially my first reverse harem story, and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. The story wasn’t completely based on sex, but instead, it had many sweet moments as Coral built a friendship along with a relationship with the men. The addition of Coral being a mermaid simply added to the story. I was shocked that this was actually the first book of the series, and with such an exciting end to the story, I cannot wait for the rest of the books! I only hope that the next installment will come out soon.

I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a romance story with mermaids, even if they aren’t used to the reverse harem genre.

Overall Rating: 5/5


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