Song of the Current Review

Song of the Current (Song of the Current #1)

Caroline has grown up on the river with her father, a wherryman, on their ship. She has grown to love both the river and the people in her community. One day, her father is arrested because he refuses to transport a mysterious case. In order to get her father out of jail, seventeen-year-old Caroline decides that she will transport the package. She knows the waters like the back of her hand, and she thinks that this will be an easy mission. When she is attacked by pirates and the crate is opened, the stakes are heightened. She is transporting a courier with a secret, and there is no one but the courier and Fee to help her fight off the pirates on the way to her destination.

I love stories about mermaids. This is not a story about mermaids, but it has pirates and people traveling on water. This makes it about as close to a mermaid story as I can get without reading an actual mermaid story, and so I am going to count it.

This story had such a unique setting with a girl sailing her own boat across rivers through the lands in the country. Handling the boat was not a challenge for her, and I was happy that she did not rely on anyone else in her journies but her crewmate Fee. I loved all the characters in the end, even though I really hated the courier in the beginning for some of the things he said.

This book was a fairly quick read even though the beginning was a little slow, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a pirate-based YA action-adventure story.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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