KingsGuard Review/First Book of the Year! (Freya Snow Book 9)

Kingsguard (Freya Snow, #9)

While Freya is living with her family, Lord Uther sends demons to her house. After saving her human family, she has to wipe their memories and move away. Escaping to Sarah’s coven, she hopes to receive some help and advice about her family. Instead, she is blamed for the attack and told that it is just time for her to leave her family.

She decides that she has to go after Uther’s men herself because they won’t leave her alone any other way, and luckily Uther’s son is willing to help her eliminate them. For help with her human problems, her friend Damon has reappeared and they have rekindled their old relationship. Suddenly, she is not as alone as she would have thought.

I thought that I loved Enhanced and Trident, but this might be my favorite Freya Snow book yet. I always wondered what would happen to Freya if the time came that she would have to move out, and this book answered all of my questions. I also wanted to know what happened to Damon when he and Freya parted ways a few books ago, and this story also answered those questions. I’m not going to spoil anything, but I was literally dying of laughter at the end, and that was what made the entire story for me.

The story was also super engaging for me and I was excited to see Freya back at home and hunting down demons, just like in the earlier books.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an action-adventure fantasy and romance novel with a diverse range of characters and an engaging storyline.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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