Eve and Adam Review (Slight Spoilers)

Eve & Adam (Eve & Adam, #1)

Evening Spiker was in a car crash. Her leg was damaged seemingly beyond repair, and she was sure that she wouldn’t survive. However, she is rushed to her mother’s research facility with a boy named Solo, and when she wakes up, nothing seems to be wrong with her. She wants to go home, but instead of allowing her to go home, her mother tasks her with creating a boy on her new software. Eve demands that her best friend Aislin is allowed to come visit/live with her, and then she gets to work.

I am going to analyze this story by the 3 or 4 main characters since this story was told in multiple points of view.

Eve was a rather boring character in my opinion. She had nothing super special going for her besides the fact that she could work well with computers. She wanted to create the perfect boy, but then she didn’t even have any original ideas of her own. She also fell in love with Solo for no reason.

Solo was also just as boring as her. He was supposed to be spying her mother because of suspicions of her doing illegal genetic…stuff. But he also got himself caught more than he did anything useful for his personal mission. Also, he had nothing interesting about him besides his parents’ backstory. Lastly, he falls in love with Eve for no reason, and then he basically decides to give up the mission. Which could have completely messed everything up.

Aislin was the only interesting character in the book in my opinion. However, she was literally called a drunken slut by Eve’s mother. For one, that is a very hurtful thing to call a teenage girl. I don’t think that they ever mentioned her drinking constantly, but in the book, I only remember her bringing alcohol to Eve a few times, not constantly drinking all day. Also, she is not a slut. She is in love with a guy who is a drug dealer and has been dating him for what seems to be a while in the story. All I could tell that she had really done wrong throughout the entire book was to drink while underaged, which is debatable, and to fall in love with the wrong guy, which is hard NOT to do for a teenage girl. The more I read this story, the more I realized that she was not even that bad of a character, and the more I became angry at her being portrayed as this wild and crazy friend of Eve’s. She was not Eve’s charity case friend that Eve had to help get off the wrong path, she was Eve’s friend who simply needed help out of a bad relationship.

And lastly Adam. Eve’s creation. From the title of the story, it was obvious that he would come to life. The only twist was that Eve didn’t love him, she loved Solo. But who would love Adam? He had no emotions, he had nothing interesting about him, he was just a creation.




He ends up with Aislin in the end, which is just even more of an insult to her character.




Spoiler Over!!!


Overall, this story was boring, insulting, and just generally disappointing for what could have been a very interesting sci-fi romance novel.

Overall Rating: 1/5

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