Behemoth Review (Leviathan Book 2)

Alek and Deryn by Dalamar89

I found this fanart here!

Alek and Deryn are headed for Istanbul, where they hope to be able to end the war completely. Unbeknownst to them, the Clankers are already there hoping to sway the Ottoman Empire in their favor, which would make the war last even longer. Now, it is up to their crew to fight this bloody battle.

This book was slightly less entertaining for me than the last book of this series. I finished it surprisingly quickly, but once I was done, I barely remembered anything that had happened. Usually, when I finish a book I am also super excited to move onto the next one, but when I finished this story I was more simply happy for it to be over. Maybe it’s me, but I am just finding this series as a way to pass time rather than something to enjoy.

I will finish this trilogy soon, and I hope for the last book to be more engaging than this one was!

Overall Rating: 3/5

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