Amulet Book 4 Review

Amulet Fan Art by TheArtFans-9966

I found this fanart here! Even though this person hasn’t posted anything since 2014, there are still plenty of beautiful pictures, often Amulet-based, on their account.

Emily and her friends arrive in Cielis to receive the help that they need. However, soon her elf friends are taken as prisoners, even though they did not do anything to attack the city and have been being helpful on the trip. Then, Emily, Navin, and her mom are taken, as the members of the council want to train Emily properly.

The flight captains of the ship go into the town where the citizens of Cielis live, hoping to find food. Instead, they are greeted with hostility. When they finally find a place to eat, a hopeful young girl tries to tell them what is wrong with Cielis. The Guardians aren’t what they used to be, and now Emily and her friends are in danger.

My favorite part of this story was definitely when Emily was going through the trials with the other trainees. I was not expecting all the plot twists that occurred in this book, but they were a pleasant surprise. Accompanied by beautiful art and an engaging storyline, this was simply yet another amazing installment in this series.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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