The Gifted Season 1 Episode 4 Review

The Gifted, eXit Strategy

Polaris and Reed are being held together in the jail, and are about to be transported to a more secure facility. This is the chance for the mutants of the Mutant Underground to reclaim her and start to beat the Sentinel Services. Eclipse must go to a former friend in order to find out when the bus for Polaris and Reed will be leaving, and the rest of the mutants have to find a way to stop the bus to get Polaris and Reed off.

Andy and Lauren find out that if they work together, Andy’s destruction powers can be limited to a specific area by Lauren’s protective powers. Therefore, they can work together to blow a single wheel off of a bus. Andy struggles to find his powers, but after Lauren riles him up, they are able to blow the wheel off of the bus.

While they are in the middle of trying to save Polaris and Reed, all of their powers suddenly stop. Thunderbird realizes with horror that his best friend Pulse who was supposed to have died during a failed mission in the past is now working for the Sentinel Services, and using his powers to shut down mutant abilities.

Polaris and Reed are saved successfully, and the group escapes. However, they do not know what will happen because of mutants being taken and used against each other.

I love this show, and I found myself being really drawn in by the end of this episode. The storyline with Jace losing his daughter and slowly hating all mutants is really interesting to see, and it is something that could happen to someone. Every time I see him on the screen, I am reminded of people in real life who have something bad happen to someone they love by a single person, and then blame a whole group of people that the person belonged to. For example, those who hate all police officers for one police officer killing someone whom they loved. It is realistic, even though it is in a fantasy setting, and it shows how grief can consume a person. Jace is not a bad person, but he might end up going beyond what his job tells him to due, as he wants revenge for his daughter. I cannot wait to see how much he develops, or how he changes, throughout the rest of the series.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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