Stars Above Review (Lunar Chronicles 4.5)

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Stars Above is a collection of short stories about the Lunar Chronicles characters or in the Lunar Chronicles Universe.

The Keeper

This is the backstory of Scarlet’s grandmother, and talks about how she protected and hid Cinder for the years that she was in the suspension tank, growing into her cyborg body. This story also showed Scarlet’s backstory with her father as she lived on the farm with her grandmother to escape her abusive father while Cinder was being hidden there. I really enjoyed this story, as I did not feel that connected to Scarlet’s grandmother throughout the series, but this story definitely gave me an eye into her mind.


This is the story of when Cinder first arrived in the home of her stepmother, meeting her stepsisters and Iko. Cinder was just a scared little girl when she arrived, and even though Adri was never outright mean at the beginning, throughout this story you can see how she was never accepting of Cinder. I also enjoyed this story and being able to see Adri before the loss of her husband.

The Queen’s Army

This is the backstory of Wolf when she was first taken from his parents and turned into a hybrid. This hit me, because I didn’t realize that Wolf was only 12 years old when he was taken from his parents and thrown into the violent pack. It also shows some insight into his relationship with his brother.

Carswell’s Guide To Being Lucky

This was simply a backstory about Thorne. I didn’t like his character that much and definitely did not think that he was good enough for Cress, and this story just kind of solidified my beliefs? I just didn’t like it as much as the others, but it was short and easily forgettable to me.

After Sunshine Passes By

This is the story of when Cress was put on her satellite. It truly gave me a better appreciation for her, and I loved the story.

The Princess and the Guard

This was my favorite story in the entire book. I always knew that Winter was stronger than she seemed in the last book, and this story simply solidified my beliefs. It gives the reason why she refuses to use her gift, and gives the reason why she has the scars on her face. It also gives insight into her relationship with Jacin. I loved this story, and I only wish that it had been longer.

The Little Android

So this story was a retelling of The Little Mermaid. I didn’t really see the point of it, and it simply seemed to be too long. But it’s in here, so maybe someone who reads it will enjoy it.

The Mechanic

This is the beginning of Cinder told from Kai’s point of view, when he first meets Cinder in the market with his broken droid. It was short but sweet.

Something Old, Something New

This is the story of Scarlet’s marriage to Wolf, and how all of the friends come together to celebrate it. It was an epilogue to the epilogue at the end of Winter, but everything just seems to be fine. All of a sudden nothing is wrong with anyone, and everyone is just enjoying their happy endings. I didn’t hate it, but I really only cared about hearing about Winter and Jacin, and again I was disappointed.

Overall, if the entire Lunar Chronicles series had been written like this, I would have enjoyed it a lot better. The writing of these short stories seemed a lot more like Heartless, a book that I love. And, although the epilogue did not give me as much of Winter as I wanted, I did really appreciate her little mini-backstory. SO even though Winter let me down, I am happy to have been able to read this book.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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