Club Penguin Rewritten Review (Please Sign Petition!)

Club Penguin Rewritten Trailer 2017 - YouTube

So this weekend I had the chance to read, write my story, write scholarship essays, and college essays. I wrote essays, but other than that I played Club Penguin Rewritten with some friends from a BTS vkook discord. If you want to join the discord, the link in the description of any video on the channel of this lovely lady:

Anyways, I was having a lot of fun. This game gives everyone an automatic membership for the few membership-requiring activities, and it is like old Club penguin where everything didn’t require a membership. Right now, there is a Halloween party with a rather difficult trick or treating hunt. There are still the chat restrictions, as it stays true to original Club Penguin, but now people of all ages are playing it instead of the mess that is Club Penguin Island.

However, Disney has decided to try to take down this site. This site doesn’t charge for its services, so it is making no money off of what used to be Disney’s Club Penguin, all it has done is made Club Penguin playable again. There is currently a petition that is asking for signatures in order for Club Penguin Rewritten to keep its domain name. The original name was but now it has to be

And Disney might try to take down the site as a whole even though the original Club Penguin is no longer available. Please sign this petition to keep this awesome site alive!


That is all for now, but I will return soon with more reviews!

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