Crooked Kingdom Review

Kaz and his crew have pulled off the heist well, but now they are back on the run. Nina is still suffering from the effects of the parem in her system. Matthias wants to help her, but in order to help her he has to make her suffer more. Inej has been captured by Wylan’s father, and Kaz is determined to get her back. However, Inej is not sure whether or not Kaz will want her if Wylan’s father destroys her only asset. Jesper is having to deal with the memories of his other, and Wylan feels guilty because his father is partially why everyone is in the mess that they are in.

I dunno what to say about this book. My favorite part was definitely Inej and learning about her past, as I felt that I did not learn that much about her in the other books. However, I just did not feel myself getting connected to the story that much. Which isn’t bad, as I did enjoy the story. However, with people acting as if this was the best duology ever written, is it so wrong for me to think that I would get sucked into the world and really be able to delve into it?

However, I did enjoy the storyline between Inej trying to fight the memories and her past. I also enjoyed Wylan being able to not be the weakling that everyone expected him to be. Jesper’s story about his mom was moving, and I liked how he bonded with his father. Nina and Matthias helped each other, especially as Nina suffered from the after-effects of the parem. The person who I could not connect to at all was Kaz, because I felt that I did not see any sign of growth in his character until the VERY end. Maybe I missed it? But I just did not care about him that much.

Overall, I enjoyed this story and I enjoyed reading this as something to pass the time, but I don’t see myself just falling completely in love with the world or characters. However, I did like the first book of the Grisha Trilogy, and I plan to return to that as soon as possible!

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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