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So, I am still obsessed with BTS fanfiction. However, this week, I was reading mostly chatfics and one other non-chatfic fanfiction. Therefore, I am going to have a separate post about the chatfics, and simply speak about the one non-chatfic here.


In this story, Namjoon is a doctor who has been transferred to a facility to help people with genetic abilities. Usually these people are put into very harmful facilities that damage them physically and emotionally. However, this one is run by people who actually have these abilities, and they are determined to help them. Jin has the ability to make people see hallucinations, and he probably has the most control over his powers. Jimin can teleport, which usually has him ending up in random places, completely naked. Yoongi can turn into a wolf, but he is currently stuck like one. Taehyung is a wraith, and has several different dangerous powers. He also has the least control, and was the most abused at the last facility because of them. JHope and Jungkook eventually show up, but they do not have powers. Now Namjoon must adjust to this different version of care, and help these people, along with the other doctors of the facility.

This story is just amazing. When I read it, I did not recall reading the same storyline in another book, or being able to link it to another show immediately. It was so unique and interesting that the only thing I could see from the outside was the name of the Characters.

Usually in these stories I see that the author has a favorite person that he or she likes to write about most of the time. However, in this story, each person seemed to get an equal amount of text time. I would recommend this fic to anyone who doesn’t mind a few mature scenes spattered throughout. So far the scenes have also only been with one couple, so you could even skip them if you desire.

Overall Rating: 6/5

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4 thoughts on “Fanfiction of the Week!

    1. There’s more to come! And if you want I can read your fanfiction, I always love reading new ones. I could even give you pointers on what to fix.


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