The Gifted Season 1 Episode 2 Review (Spoilers)

New images for Stephen Moyer's series from Fox: "The Gifted"

After portaling the Struckers and the rest of the Mutant gang from the lot back to the home base/mansion, Blink starts to go into shock. Mrs. Strucker is shocked to find out that underground group does not have a stash of medicine or a doctor, so as the only nurse it is up to her to help Blink. While she runs with Eclipse to a nearby hospital that treats mutants to steal some medicine, Lauren, Thunderbird, and Andy stay at home base to protect Blink and themselves from the errant portals she is opening.

Mr. Strucker has been taken into custody, where they are questioning anyone and everyone in his life. He continues to try to make a deal with the people he formerly worked with, in order to save his family.

This show just keeps getting better and better. Every week, I am going to start naming my favorite part of the episode, and my favorite part of this episode was with Mrs. Strucker and Eclipse. Eclipse had to pretend to be injured in order to go to the hospital, which wasn’t that hard since he had recently been shot so the wound was still open. Mrs. Strucker pretended to be his girlfriend, but she also looked a bit banged up due to their escapades escaping from the spider things in the lot. When the doctors were treating Eclipse, they pulled Mrs. Strucker aside, and said that they could help her if their situation was turning violent. One doctor even said that while some people like to date mutants because they think it will be exciting, but that it might be violent. Mrs. Strucker has spent time with who are considered the most dangerous mutants now, and she sees that they are not violent unnecessarily nor purposefully. She hates that the doctor is generalizing them, especially when they count as her children, but she has to keep up her facade and just says that he didn’t hurt her. This felt like a really deep statement to me, as it could be put into today’s racial contexts, and I love how this show is including these types of statements within their episodes. Bravo!

Overall Rating: 6/5

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