Voodoo and Fate Review

Voodoo and Fate

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As a new fan of BTS, I had only heard Jungkook’s 2U cover before. However, this song is also amazing and calming, which was just what I wanted to get through this book.

Chanti is a Voodoo practitioner in New Orleans, and she is one of the best in the town. When her friend wants to get rid of an unwanted baby, she knows the exact potion to do this for her, but something is telling her that this time it would be a bad idea. She is shocked when she hears that her friend has been impregnated by a werewolf, an enemy of the Voodoo witches.

Kody, a werewolf, travels to new Orleans with his brother Marty in order to help him find his mate who has disappeared after a one night stand. His brother is shocked to hear that his mate is pregnant and trying to get rid of the child, and is worried for her because werewolf pregnancies are different. If she tries to abort the child now, she might die. While helping his brother, Kodi stumbles upon Chanti, his own mate, and the three of them must rescue Chanti’s friend from herself and her parents.

This book is definitely an adult novel. There are several mature scenes throughout, so if you are not comfortable with that, I suggest that you skip this book. However, even though it had those adult scenes, the plot was developed pretty well. I enjoyed the bravery of Chanti, willing to fight for her friend and two men whom she had never met before. The mating system allowed for insta-love, so I can’t complain about that portion of the story. My only small complaint was that the end seemed to have everything occur rather quickly, but in a short story this usually has to happen, and it was not so confusing that I no longer knew what was happening. Overall, for a short story it was very nice, I simply would have enjoyed to see the ending stretched out a bit, maybe to show what happened after the main storyline was over.

I would recommend this book to someone looking for an adult romance novel with a strong plotline and its own world.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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