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So I have become addicted to fanfiction again. This time, I have been reading way more BTS fanfiction than I should, on Archive of Our Own. It is rather weird when I think about it and realize that I have been reading stories written about real people, but I enjoyed those stories immensely. Here are a few of my personal favorites of this week.


This YoonMin fanfiction is in a universe where Yoongi/Suga is an established star and Jimin is one of his fanboys. The story takes place in the format of Instagram posts, comments, and private messages. I love this story as the author updates so much of it so often, and it is so cute as Yoongi starts to notice his talented fanboy. It is not complete yet, but there are about 44 short chapters already posted. I reread the story in about 30 minutes earlier, so it is not that difficult to catch up.

He Ain’t Heavy (He’s Our Maknae)

This story is a collection of short one-shots that includes Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, being taken care of by his hyungs/older members of the band. Includes fun storylines such as “Jungkook wanders off in hotel and scares his hyungs half to death”. I personally love this author, and she has several other works. However, this is one of my personal favorites of hers, even though the character Jungkook is pretty different from the real life Jungkook in this one. All of the stories are adorable, and there are about 13 of them so far! Even though it has not been updated since July, her newest story was just updated in October, so she might come back to this one and write another one-shot.

The Blood Donor

This story is a complete AU story, where every member of BTS except for Jungkook is a vampire. He is taken by them in order to donate blood for them to drink, but he does not want to be there. They won’t hurt him, at least he thinks, but he is trying his best to escape from them. Right when he finds a way out of the manor, he sees the vampire hidden in the library named V.

This story is so good, I felt as if I was reading an actual novel instead of a fanfiction. If you are not deterred by mature material, although it hasn’t really come yet (but I haven’t read the most recent update), then I would definitely recommend this story to you.

That’s all for now, I might be making a part 2 to this later as I literally spent yesterday sick at home and read BTS fanfiction along with other books practically all day.

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